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My name is Cate Howell, I currently live in Las Vegas, but am looking to move out of the city to a more rural area in the next year.

Once upon a time, in the early 90's, I had a brick and mortar jewelry store and gallery.  I was able to sell my creations, give classes, and showcase local artisans.  During that time, I did a few art show and fairs.  It was a great learning experience. 
Due to unpredictable business partners, I left that endeavor.  From there I have worked in internet communications, retail management, and the IT industry.  

About 4 years ago I got very ill.  It was during that time I evolved my outlook for what I wanted  to do with the rest of my life.  Working for someone else was not in that equation.  I had not embraced creating wearable art again until that time.  I had to detach the feelings towards my former business partners and look at the core of my creative process.  There I rediscovered the joy and pride I had in creating beautiful pieces of jewelry.  
A little over a year ago, when I got my full facilities back, I started once again.

Looking back at my past experiences, the art fair/show events I had done while having the jewelry store was by and far the most rewarding times for me as a person and artist.  (My husband was overjoyed that I didn't want to cash in the 401k and open a store front.)

So, here I am.. starting over at square one, excited, nervous, and ready for the next adventure.

I currently am working on creating and manufacturing jewelry as art and building my custom clientele.  I did a "craft show" last November.  It was laughable at best.  My items are not really "craft show" trade. It was a good learning experience and I am thankful for the opportunity to refine and define my niche.   I am putting together my art fair booth one step at a time and working towards getting a website up. (I need more hours in a day and about 2 more sets of hands.) I have my first art fair in April. 

I look forward to learning and sharing, and getting to know others on this site. The site feels very warm and friendly, thanks for being here!

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Welcome Cate! You'll find lots of information on this site and many artists willing to help, relate, rejoice, and, sometimes, even be frustrated along with you. Just use the search boxes is my best advise. You'll find numerous topics to choose from. Good luck on your future endeavors!!

Hi Cate and welcome to AFI :)

Hello Cate and welcome.  We are glad that you have joined us here.  I think you will find everyone very helpful and friendly.  If you are looking for show's to apply to check out:

That is a great website that is full of shows looking for artists toadd to their show line up. 

You may also want to check out:

This is a great website that has reviews of many shows.  Plus, keep checking back as new shows are added monthly.

Good luck as you jump into the art show business.

Jacki B

Welcome Kate. You are the second IT professional who has joined this site recently. The other one is Kate Ricklin. The two of you have a lot in common. 

Thank you for this fine introduction. You will find lots of info here and helpful people. I am so totally on board with your husband. Storefronts take so much time and management and $$$, not that art fairs don't, but they don't "own" you like the bricks and mortars do. 

Have you attended the ACRE wholesale show in Vegas?

Hi Connie, thanks for the warm welcome :D

No, I haven't attended the ACRE show ... I am hoping to do so this next  year.  Are you going, if so are you an exhibitor? I will be honest, the sheer size of it is a bit daunting! LOL

No, I'm not an exhibitor, Cate. It is just that I know it is the largest thing going on in Las Vegas, and I'm a true believer that anyone new to shows needs to visit other events to pick up tips on marketing and display and think it would be really helpful to you.


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