I am in search of an used canopy - Light Dome or Show Off or some other traditional art fair tent. Located near Ann Arbor and will drive to you. Please contact me if you know someone that is selling their canopy. 

10 x 10’



include a picture




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    • Thank you for your response!

      The trip to Seattle would be a long one! I live near Ann Arbor Michigan. 

      I would consider shipping, if the rates were not exorbitant. What are you interested in receiving for the tent?

      thanks - carolyn

      • Hi Carolyn, we'd be happy to sell it for $200, I sent you a message. I don't know what shipping would be, right now it's in storage and we're 1200 miles away so I am not sure how to provide an estimate for weight / shipping costs. Includes 2 awnings and center corner connector, all 4 walls have middle zipper.

        • 8946142253?profile=RESIZE_710x

          • Hi Ruth,

            Too bad I only just saw this. I was just in Seattle.

            Did you sell the tent?


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