I am in search of an used canopy - Light Dome or Show Off or some other traditional art fair tent. Located near Ann Arbor and will drive to you. Please contact me if you know someone that is selling their canopy. 

10 x 10’



include a picture




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      Here are a couple of photos of the tent.

  • Carolyn, Are you still looking for a 10x10 tent. I have a used Craft Hut tent I would like to sell. We haven't done art fairs in a couple years so I need to let this one go.

  • Hi Carolyn,

    We have a used Light Dome 10x10 and live in Rochester Michigan that we would love to sell. We quit doing art fairs 2 years ago and would like to get rid of our tent and other supplies.  My husband is a photographer..  It's an excellent tent and we have all the extras.  Side , back and front awnings as well. It's still in great shape.

    • This sounds great! Thanks for the response. 

      would you be willing to shoot me some pictures?  My cell is 734-546-4446. 

      I do 3D pottery (no 2d work) and my first show since 2010 is in June. Do you have a price estimate?

      thanks again.


      ps. This site is difficult for me. My mobile number is fine for pics and response. Whatever you are comfortable using. 

      • Carolyn,  I'll give you a call later today...  We are looking for photos to send you.

        • Thank you!

          if you are not able to find photos, I can always drive up to Rochester and set it up. It would be good practice. 

      • Sorry, just sold it.

  • How far are you willing to travel? We have a Light Dome we're wanting to get rid of but we're in Seattle.

    • Ruth,
      Is the Light Dome still available for sale?

      Thanks in advance for your reply.

      - Miles Schoen
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