Hello all. I am scratching my head on how to display a few of my latest pieces. Almost all of my work are wall hanging sculptures, which I hang on black pro panels, using hooks or adjustable height cable hangars. Now, I have made a few "puzzle sculptures", that are actually a series of puzzle pieces that assemble to form a complete artwork. 

I tried the puzzles on some unsuspecting dinner guests, they became so enamored with trying to assemble them that the meal was delayed, much to my wife's annoyance. The allure seems to be both the combination of the overall design, and the simple intellectual challenge of actually doing the assembly.

So far, so good, except for annoying the wife. My question is, how do I showcase this in an art booth? I am not sure that I want people playing with many pieces, during a crowd pieces can get 'lost', fall on the ground etc, so do I mount them on the wall as a static display (I guess putting Velcro or some such on the back of each piece, and then onto the pro panel), or should I block half the booth with a table, so people can actually play with them? 

Or, put most of the puzzle up on the wall, and then let people assemble a handful of them? BTW, a 40 piece puzzle looked like it should take 3 minutes to do, yet 2 guests got most of it done after an hour - I don;t think I want people standing in my booth for an hour without buying the work.

For one of the puzzles, made out of aluminum, I also did an interchangeable piece out of gold on tool steel, just for something different. I suppose I could put that piece up on the wall next to the puzzle?

Open to any and all ideas

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  • You haven't posted a picture, but I would think displaying it within a frame where the pieces are arranged with a little space between them and then demonstrate how they fit together.

    Larry Berman

    • Thank you for the idea Larry. I think what i will try is a combination of having most of the piece up on the propanels, and a few pieces on a shelf beneath, so that people can play with putting them together. 

      Hope to run into you again at Scottsdale, Main street or one of the other festivals this year; think we met but I don;t remember which show, Palo Alto? Sausalito? Madison? maybe it was the invitational lunch with Warren Buffet, who knows.

      Anyway, thank you again.

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