• I believe the app only works with a specific provider and it is really expensive.
  • I believe the I=phone with the CC app qould be acceptable to buyers. People are familiar with technology and the I=phone is just a new tool for "on-the-go" retailers. However, you may decide not to use it because of the following reasons:

    (1) It may be too slow to complete each transaction. If you sometimes have multiple customers at one time, then the I-Phone option may not be for you.

    (2) As far as i know, the I phone does not offer the extra "chargeback" security of a "swipe" machine. You will still have to manually punch a receipt out just so you could have proof of having the card with you.

    If you are trying to avoid paying for a service or only need the merchant acount occasionally, then you should really look into and add their microsecure card reader. Assuming you have a laptop with WIFI connectiity, you can have a nice setup for your booth.
  • I see no problem if the customer doesn't have to wait too long for the processing.
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