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I now have a website thanks to vista print.  It was so easy.  However, if I google my name, Michele LeVett, it doesn't come up.  All you techies out there, is there something I need to do for this to happen? It is getting hits but not from google.

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Michele, I just got this email from Ariane Goodwin, with these tips:


Search engines 101:

People enter words and phrases into the little
white Google box. Google matches them with words
and phrases that appear on websites. The better
the match, the earlier the website appears in the

Making search engines work for you 101:

Think of phrases that people might use to search
for artists' websites: 'puppy paintings, 'boring
English landscapes', 'ravishing portraits in oil'
or the like.

Then go to
and scroll to the bottom of the page to see if
people are actually using these phrases.

When you've found some phrases that work, include
the exact working in your website in ways that
read like natural language.


I have had my vistaprint website for over a year. I have a 5 page site- I have my login/password and Site Editor. All I have ever had to do is login, click edit site button, do whatever(add pics with captions) create my pages, or change them, etc. I did create the tags I wanted the pages to use when I originally set it up. I also can check on the site traffic, where, when, what sites are referring etc. You should have received an e-mail from them with all this info.

Check your spam folder. 


The Google bots read text.


Another great way to get up in google searches is to cross link your site to here, there and everywhere.  The more places your web address shows up, the more interesting it becomes to google.  I don't bother with SEO for jewelry because we're in an oversaturated market.  I don't expect to be tripped over so I don't comit time to swimming against that particular current.


A quick critique:  your site will be easier to read of you use the same sans serif font everywhere.  The font you chose for your title is very nice and clean.  It goes well with your style.  I would also stick with the green and grey colors.  Again, a great fit with your work.  The red text on your bio page doesn't fit and the grey would probably be easier on the eyes than the white against the dark background.

Hi web wizards, is there an answer you don't have?? :)  I have another question related to this. Which company would you recommend if we need to make our own website, something easy, inexpensive. I'm researching but there is too many. Vista Print, Go Daddy, Yola,  (free), Wix (free flash sites) And would you recommend the free ones? What about the one you can make on your MAC computer? Then look for who will host it right? Too many choices, too confused :-P

iWeb (on the Mac) isn't well supported by Apple. The online editors are passable -- for something free, try

GoDaddy is a good hosting company, has lots of freebies. I would use a dedicated hosting company like GoDaddy rather than say VistaPrint.

You can set up a website using WordPress, too. It's free to host on If you want your own domain name, you'll need to register it and link it to the blog.

There's a lot to it -- check the Web Wizards group here on AFI for a lengthier answer to this question -->>

I've read the discussions - but I'm still totally confused

I built mine with the original version of Sandvox from Karelia Software.  Jury is still out on verson 2.  The released version was awful, but I'll not get into it here.  The front end of the website is here:


As for the ecommerce portion, I wrote about it at length as a response to this:


I use Mac OSX Leopard and my host is Hostgator.

Hi Jim, 

I actually got my domain via now I just have to make it happen. Is register a good hosting company? Or should I stick to Go Daddy? I'm going to keep researching, thank you so much for your time :) is fine as a registrar. I like GD for hosting. If you already have a GD account, you can point the new domain to GoDaddy and work from there. If you want to do a blog-style web site, you can install WordPress directly on a GoDaddy site, or in a subfolder.

As far as web editing software goes, I like Dreamweaver. But the learning curve is high and it's expensive. Look at RapidWeaver on the Mac, or Coda if you want to build a site from scratch. 

I'm checking weebly right a crack addict :) Hope this one works fine. I'll be here until 4am he he Do I need GD with this? No right???
Thanks for all the info on this.  I have a website that a friend of mine help build for me and it is hosted by yahoo for like $8 a month.  I am looking at weebly now, but I don't get why or how it would be free.  It says it puts no ads on your site, so how are they making money?  I would like to edit my own site from time to time, so this is why i'm looking into weebly...

Weebly hopes that you will pay the upgrade fee to host your own domain name. It's about $40 / year that way. Otherwise they put an attribution footer at the bottom of your page that links back to Weebly.

$8/month is reasonable for hosting. I would leave your site where it is, and learn how to access it and edit it. One option would be to install WordPress in a subdirectory or use it as the basis for your site. The editing features of Weebly are easier on the surface, but WordPress' editor is more powerful, and allows you to add features via plug-ins with not much more learning curve.

Michelle, I just finished my site last night with weebly. Check it out, I will eventually upgrade it to not have their logo there but it is really reasonable and very easy to use

Thanks Jim for this!


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