I Need a tent, Now

Daytona Beach art show was a wash out on November 5th and took my Euramax with it. I never liked that tent as a heavy dew would sink the roof in necessitating the use of pool noodles in the corner (unlike my former popup which did not do that). Overnight, my well weighted down tent frame didn't move an inch, but it broke in many places from water weight. Many tents were down, including some heavy duty dome tents. 

I'm aware that popups are a risk and I should have just packed up the whole mess on Friday. I'd get a dome tent if I thought I could put it up at my advanced age, without getting on my reconstructed knees and fit it in my minivan. 

So, I need a white popup that will fit my 7 ft high Flourish mesh walls and full stabilizer bars. I need the square tube bars. Will pick up in Florida. I live between Tampa and Orlando. 

Meanwhile I'm shopping, as I need it for a show in a couple weeks. 

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  • What show are you doing, I may have one you can borrow


    • Thank you for the offer. I'll be at DeLand, Nov. 20th. However, I've located a another white popup to use. It doesn't have walls but I believe I can make the Eurmax ones work. This will work for now.

      I going to consider a Trimline and will call them shortly. I don't know if my Flourish Stabars, fittings and mesh walls will convert to use in a Trimline. That will be the financial deciding factor. I knew this day would come and feel fortunate to have skated on other Florida storms over the years. 

      Is it foolhardy to invest more at the point where I should be quitting? Maybe. And, maybe I'll just research knee pads. 


      UPDATE: A Trimline, knee pads and back brace are on order. As I had Flourish screens and full Stabars in use in my Eurmax tent, I'm familiar with playing with pipes and thumbscrews. All female pipes and corner fittings need replacing. Popups are not a true 10 ft., so the female side of the pipes are a bit smaller than their Trimline's. The mesh screens are also a bit smaller but this won't be an issue. I wasn't aware of the size difference. If you're planning to upgrade, make note. I'm glad Flourish keeps details on what you buy and helps you re-use what you can when making a change. Meanwhile, I'll store the old stuff ... just in case. 

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