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Has anybody done this show. I am really nervous as it will be my first show where  I can't drive. I live in Boston. Like what do I do about a booth? I can't ship.

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Well, John, I'm glad you have had success at Sugar Creek and we can both agree that the McLean County Arts Center does work hard at providing artistic opportunities to Central Illinois.  However, the audience that attends Sugar Creek is not always the same art buying audience that attends MCAC shows, buys at local boutiques or purchases directly from local artists.  Sugar Creek does bring some of those, but it also brings out the individuals who like their kettle corn and their lemon shake-ups and will wander around looking at the pretty pictures while enjoying those culinary delights.  Most local area artists will agree that the audience just isn't the same, for whatever reason.  I can also say that Sugar Creek DOES have the reputation for being "sporatic" in its acceptance practices, whether that is the individual jury or not.  Again, the view is "getting in one year does not mean you have a good chance of getting in again," as there are several area artists who will do the show for 3 or 4 years and then not get accepted for 1 or 2 and then get juried back in again.  I stand by my statement that the quality is sporatic as well and there will be very good artists at this year's show along with some craptastic work.  That being said, for Chris Fortune, who is from California, it may or may not be a good venue for his/her work, particularly since that is pretty far away from Peoria.  It is up for Chris to choose, and I believe in being honest, sincere and helpful to other AFI artists.  Perhaps this is something I've learned while doing art shows... as well as a very well run Saturday morning market or two.  Funny, but when a $500 painting is sold at the Market as well as a $500 painting at Sugar Creek, in the end it's still a sold piece of art to an appreciative patron.

I think it would be best on my part to just watch your views float around undisturbed in the air like a heavy cloud for all who care to see.

Doing anything else would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

I've done this show several times and will be doing it again this year. What works for one person may not work for someone else, but here's my take on Peoria. It's not a real big market (population-wise) so for me it works best to give it a rest every now and then. It is often the same weekend (as it is this year) as the Plaza in KC. I alternate between the two shows. Funny thing is I have consistently done a little better in Peoria than at the Plaza, they are fairly comparable in sales for me. I've never done over about 7K at either of the shows but they are both only a one day drive so I don't have to sell as much as I do in places like Sausalito or Miami for instance. Most of my work ranges in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. I don't need massive crowds for a good show. Six to eight people can make a show for me. Peoria is also the Corp Headquarters for Caterpillar who is doing well this year. I look forward to another good show in Peoria and hope to see you there.


Good luck - Jay

We did Peoria last year and it was great.  We make moderately priced silver jewelry and had sales of over $8k.  We were disappointed when we did not get in this year.  The crowds were consistent all weekend and the people were very friendly.  We will try to get in agin next year.

I want to thank everyone for their frank and informative discussions to my post. I have decided to do the show and combine it with a visit to a close friend in Chicago. I will post a review. By the  by of anybody is doing the show and wants a roommate  
to my posted question. I have decided to do the show.  If anybody else iis doing the show and needs a roommate, I don't smoke or stay up late and am faiy neat, contact me. 


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