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Earlier this summer I exhibited at the Art and Air fair in Webster Groves, MO. (It turned out to be a good show for us)

Shortly after opening on Friday evening a middle aged man brought one of my pieces up to me (with a look and tone of, I know I'm going to get this at a reduced price) said, "Is this your best price?"

Without even thinking much, instinctively, I quipped, "Yes, because it's my best work."

He bought it.

How would/have you responded in the past?

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I think you handled it just fine.

I loved it, and I am going to use how to answer to the people that ask for a discount if they buy 3 or more...

I always offer to trade money for time. But do it with a smile. Some of them will walk anyway, others will understand. My problem is with the people who assume that I do not pay taxes on cash sales. I pay all the taxes,#%£€~#%,(expletive transliterated). How do you handle that?

My reply to the ones who question my charging sales tax is "the Governor knows about me!" It gets a grin and no more complaints.

They are so surprised when I say that uncle Sam wants his % ,( like this isn't a business,) I tell them that I can't hide from Uncle Sam that always does it.


I long ago solved this problem for me. Since I sell religious items, I quote the Bible and no one has ever argued with me after that.

Customer: YOU charge sales tax, none of the other artists are charging it. 

Me: Yes, as Christ taught us, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's." 

The customer usually ends up laughing and saying something like, "I never thought of it that way."

Some folks may not be comfortable with this approach, but Christ is the greatest teacher and thus ... what better response than to quote His words?

Be Blessed,


That is the best one Lois. I will use it when someone wants a tax discount for paying cash. Collecting sales tax is pretty strict in CO.

I rarely "charge" tax when being paid in cash and I explain that I still pay tax, I just don't want to deal with pennies and weird change.  Plus not having to deal with checks and their inherent dangers or 2+% in CC charges makes it worth it. 

I've never had transaction denied with cash yet. 

I feel the same way Rod.  When someone pays in cash I pull out my phone and say let me calculate the tax on that.  If there is any push back I say I will discount the amount of the tax but I still pay it.  If they do pay the tax I round down to the nearest dollar amount so that I don't have to carry change.

Maybe "some of the others" don't charge sales tax because, in the state of MO anyway, if you are over 65 and selling handmade items, you do not have to charge or collect sales tax. You do have to report your income, but not taxes.

My reply is "I can't account for other people's honesty, only mine."

LOL  simple, when they ask for a discount, Look around and say "Huh, I didn't know I was standing in Wal Mart, I thought I was in My booth."  Your not being overtly rude, your just returning the rudeness as it was given to you.


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