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Hi, everyone,

I just bought a set of Stabars from Flourish. I'm looking for ideas on how to pack all these metal poles and connector parts for travelling.

Any advice?

Thank you,


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Flourish sells bags to carry these poles and parts. They're kind of pricey but it's a quality heavy duty material. It's worth the cost (to me).

Thank you, Karl.  Happy to hear they're worth the expense.

I'd love to buy the Flourish bags, but can't right now.  I just use ball bungees (3 poles together) and then wrap them in a tarp so the metal doesn't rub against anything.  Bags would be better, but budget-wise this works.

Yeah I was shell shocked when I called them up to order a couple new bags and they told me my total. 

I dont regret the purchase at all but they are pricy.

Very budget-wise, Rachelle.  Thank you for your input!

I have the Stabars for my mesh panels, and I have just always used the clear plastic bag they came in for the long poles.  Then I bought a little contractor's style tool bag from Home Depot for the connectors and other smaller parts.  

Ah, makes sense, Sonja.  I'll check out Home Depot's offerings.  Thank you!

The Flourish bags are well made. They will hold up, which is important when you consider how hard you might be on them and how often you might replace them. Yes, they are costly but factoring in the aforementioned might negate some of the initial cost.

I have seen some artist use ski bags that are less expensive. Don't know how well they hold up.

I tend to keep my 10' lengths assembled and just put the full lengths on top of my vehicle, without any bag. I bungee them to the roof rack.

The shorter poles ie. legs etc. I put in a Flourish bag. I use velcro straps to group them. 

BTW on the longer poles I leave many of the connectors / fittings installed. This saves some time during setup and breakdown. 

However it takes longer to bungee the poles on the roof than to just shove them inside. I do it to save space.

In my case, my 10 footers would be 3) Stabars, 4) Roof framers, 1) Ridge beam, 2) Light poles, 2) Awnings, 1) sign frame. Therefore 13) 10' poles I don't have to assemble / disassemble. If all of those were in bags, it is a lot of weight and bulk.

Good to hear, Larry.  I especially like the idea of leaving the connectors on the poles to save on set up time.  Plenty to consider, thank you, Larry!

I have the bag but haven't used it in forever I prefer to bungee certain poles together and put them on a cart I load directly onto my trailer. I used the bag once or twice, but all of the poles inside of one bag is heavy by yourself. 

Yes they are very heavy! I actually wanted to get another bag just to lighten the load.

If someone has any bag alternatives I'm sure we would all love to hear them as well.

Oh, I didn't think about how heavy that could be....Thanks, Fletcher!


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