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Hi, everyone,

I just bought a set of Stabars from Flourish. I'm looking for ideas on how to pack all these metal poles and connector parts for travelling.

Any advice?

Thank you,


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I use the giant version of these bags and keep some of my TrimLine assembled. Three bags to split the weight up between different things for booth.

Amazon Bags

I have the flourish bags as well. They are nice, but they are very expensive. While they do hold up, they also get holes in the ends. I would think I'm not the only one this happened to. If they were reinforced on the ends, I probably wouldn't shop around, but I have looked into heavy duty canvas bags as an alternative. Never really saw quite what I wanted, so I still use the bags with holes in them. They definitely still get the job done.

What about just getting a piece of the fabric from Flourish. They will sell it to you for almost nothing. Then use the glue they tell you, it is what we use to patch any holes in our tents. Put a full piece, the size of the end panels, on each inside end of the bag. 

That should resolve the issue. as now the end walls are double thick.

Great idea!  I've got plenty to get me going on this issue.  Thank you, Larry!

Hmm....good info.  Thank you, Bobby.  Yeah, I really just want to cover the ends of the poles so they don't tear up my car in transport.  Leaning towards the tarp idea... :)

Based on this last comment, instead of a tarp. Buy a short ski bag, gym bag, duffel bag or something of that nature. Cut it in half. Now you will have two half bags, large enough for each end of the pole groups. Heavy duty enough, cheap, only secures the ends. Then a length of Velcro wrap to secure it around the poles.

Yep, good idea.  Thanks again!


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