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These are the finished product!

Component #1

Component #2

Component #4

Last year I posted these instructions, thought they might be of interest to some of our newer members, or some who missed it the first time.

 Here's what I used:

  1. 1 10" piece of 4" schedule 40 PVC, cut into 4 equal pieces
  2. 2 80# bags of Sackrete.
  3. 8 test caps, 4 with 3/8" holes in top
  4. 4 eyebolts, 3/8" diameter, 8" long, with nuts (add washers if you wish)

After you cut the pipe into 4 pieces, put the test caps in one end and place them with that end down on a level surface. Fill each pipe half full of the dry Sacrete and add one cup of water. You can stir this with an old broom handle if you wish, I did, but am not sure it mattered.

After a quick stir, add more dry Sacrete till the level is about 6 inches from the top of the pipe. Add one more cup of water and wait for the level to fall. Add water and Sacrete alternatively in small amounts till the level of mix is up to the top of the pipe.


Insert the test caps, with the eyebolts and nuts, through the holes, into the wet mix and push the caps down tight. Then push the eyebolts down into the wet cement, stopping a half inch or so from the cap.


Next morning, you are finished, your weights are more efficient if they hang an inch or two off of the floor. The PVC is paintable, spray paints for plastic are at any home center

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Hm.  That's a great idea to secure them to the tent legs. 

I made a set of these same weights but made mine 36" long and also added some heavy duty carrying handles in the center that makes them much easier to carry... and the handles also have the added benefit of keeping them from rolling around in my van during transport. I put the handles on with bolts and washers before putting the cement in. I put my cement in a bit differently...I mixes it all in a wheelbarrow and then put it in with a small hand shovel.

I use my 9" ball bungee straps that I got from Trimline to secure them to my tent poles and use ratchet ropes to fasten them to the tent canopy rails. I also glued some 4" heavy rubber pads to the bottom to add friction when on cement and also keep the PVC from wearing prematurely.

These have become somewhat the norm for many exhibitors... Good idea for the knock out caps, saves a lot of money.

Can I ask a stupid question?

Why fill them with concrete? Why not just sand, and then epoxy the endcaps on? It seems it would be MUCH easier (and no mess), and sand actually weighs more per cubic foot than concrete, and you could still set the eyebolts into the end cap using a nut and washer.

I wondered the same thing -- sand versus concrete.

I'm also pondering the possibility of modular PVC "pods" that connect, end-to-end, so that, for transport, each individual piece is smaller and lighter.

I made weights just like these two weeks ago. Used them this past weekend. They worked great. One recommendation add handles! I'm going to try and retrofit some handles with Tapcon fasteners.
thanks for reposting this, I AM one of those NEWBIES to this site and Tent Sales,... Not New to Art Sales, been selling my art Full-Time for well over 35 years, so this will be another ARTadventure 4 me...

thanks again, I will modify it and let ya know,

AND HEY ANY Veterans Here, I JUST FOUND OUT THAT WE GET 10% OFF everything - All the time at LOWES AND HOME DEPOT!

Another thing that works great and is compact is the Old 50# Monarch Standard Elevator Scale Weights. They can sometimes be found in antique stores and flea markets. 

I have a problem of my round weights rolling around so i saw a great idea from another artist. She used square plastic deck posts to make her weights. No cutting required as they come in various lengths, and they can be stacked. She even bolted handles onto the sides for easier carrying.

So, you're mixing the concrete/water right in the pipe itself?!  I've never seen it done this way, and it seems so much easier!  Hm.  I was already planning on making some of these, but have seen it being mixed in a big bucket, etc.  Doing it your way seems to be much more logical.  My concern would be that I'd mess up the proportion of concrete/water and just have a sludgy non-hardening mess. 

No need to mix and pour concrete. Sand is cheaper, cleaner, heavier, simpler.

I couldn't find the knockout caps.  The normal ends are $$$

I did make a simple rack to help keep them from rolling around


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