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These are the finished product!

Component #1

Component #2

Component #4

Last year I posted these instructions, thought they might be of interest to some of our newer members, or some who missed it the first time.

 Here's what I used:

  1. 1 10" piece of 4" schedule 40 PVC, cut into 4 equal pieces
  2. 2 80# bags of Sackrete.
  3. 8 test caps, 4 with 3/8" holes in top
  4. 4 eyebolts, 3/8" diameter, 8" long, with nuts (add washers if you wish)

After you cut the pipe into 4 pieces, put the test caps in one end and place them with that end down on a level surface. Fill each pipe half full of the dry Sacrete and add one cup of water. You can stir this with an old broom handle if you wish, I did, but am not sure it mattered.

After a quick stir, add more dry Sacrete till the level is about 6 inches from the top of the pipe. Add one more cup of water and wait for the level to fall. Add water and Sacrete alternatively in small amounts till the level of mix is up to the top of the pipe.


Insert the test caps, with the eyebolts and nuts, through the holes, into the wet mix and push the caps down tight. Then push the eyebolts down into the wet cement, stopping a half inch or so from the cap.


Next morning, you are finished, your weights are more efficient if they hang an inch or two off of the floor. The PVC is paintable, spray paints for plastic are at any home center

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I have weights just like those and they work great.

Robin Ragsdale

Great tutorial.  I made a version of these (with different caps) and later added one other feature: a wrap of oilcloth, sealed shut with a glue gun.  The plastic pipe scratches and scrapes and picks up marks so easily, and I got tired of repainting them with that special plastics spray paint, so the oilcloth makes it easier to keep them looking nice.  Will attach a (blurry)photo.

This is great. also saw these in square PVC bases, this weekend. Great for loading/stacking. 

These are very easy to make but, and this is a big deterrent, they swing in the wind and do NOT anchor your tent in a big storm.  So a really good microburst is going to pick up up tent and move and these weights are just going to be big heavy swinging pendulums.  If you want you tent to be really secure you have to weigh down at ground level, not from weights that hang from the top.  One really cheap way to go is to buy soccer goal weight bags at a sporting goods store.  Buy some builders sand at a Home Depot where the show is located,  Fill the bags, weigh down your booth at the 4 corners  at the bottom.  When the show is over, dispose of the sand alongside some roadway with a sandy verge.  Builders sand is cheap.  Your booth is not going to move.



Martha has been around in this business for a long time. I always listen to her.

Maybe there are, I don't know. I have seen plenty of swinging weights, and swinging from bungees -- always looks dangerous to me. 

I have elastic wraps around mine to keep them from swinging.  But, yeah, they are no fun to carry or transport!

One other good thing about this type of weight is that it is relatively slim and out of the way.  I used 5 gallon jugs of water one year and they were just too big and obvious-looking, and also were in the way of customers walking around the front of my booth when I had enough breathing room around my booth for folks to enter from the side and front.

In big winds I also tether my gridwall fixtures to the canopy frame.  So far, nothing has gone airborne. 

Also--generally I just use the spiral dog stakes with ratcheting tie-downs at night, but there have been a couple of really windy days when I've left them on.  (I use two stakes, one on each side, each with two tie-downs, one to each corner.)

To keep these from swinging, just secure them to the poles with bungees or wrap them in heavy duty velcro around each pole. They won't budge I promise :)

I have these weights and have been through two 60+ mph storms with no damage.  Others around me with the weights on the bottom were ripped apart with the legs still attached to the ground.

Use tiedowns rather than bungy cords so they rest on ground and strap to legs. Dead weight on tent and no swinging.

thank you so much for the great instructions!!

Deborahmae Broad

I saw some folks at Vail-Edwards show who had wrapped these with some of the artsy Duck Tape.


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