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I'm relatively new to doing art fairs and I'm in the process of searching for appropriate art fairs to apply for 2020. The region I'm looking for is within 500 miles of Dayton, Ohio.

I'm familiar with but I'm wanting a more comprehensive list.

Given my newbie status I don't require the "best" shows, but due to my subject matter and business approach, I'm wanting at least a moderate level and number of upscale clientele.

I don't mind paying for a publication that would make my search easier (although Greg Lawler's products are a bit pricey).

Any suggestions on publications, services, or other resources are appreciated!

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There are a dozen sites now listing shows. Most will be listed here. None of them will help you much in determining if you will make any money in the show. Seeing what you do on this site may help a few give you an idea if you belong in certain shows or not. The bottom line is you never know until you have done a show if its for you or not.,

Good point, Barry. Jay, artists take years to hone out a list of events that work for them. In your shoes, I'd decide how far you want to travel in a first year, draw a circle around that and then do that search from David's list, and read Judy's info carefully. We also have done a series of podcasts that discuss this topic at Artists talk about how they choose shows and give tips on making careful decisions.

Zapplication puts it all together.  By state.  By deadline.  By show month.  Upload a good portfolio of photos of your work and your set-up and go to town!  It's free.  Show jurying fees can add up though, so choose wisely.

Nobody can do it for you and your medium. Read the reviews to get general feel for your fit. Then do it. I too drew circles on US maps of 500, then 300 miles out. Now, after 20 plus years of trial and error the last 10 years or so have been eliminating marginal shows we are down to 5-6 that consistently provide daily minimum of $1.5K. It works for me but probably not other mediums. YOU and no one else can do YOUR research for YOUR Medium.


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