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Hospitals need masks, gloves, do you have any or can you sew?

You may be able to help your local hospital-

 My daughter in law at our local hosp. is looking for any masks or latex gloves. They are in desperate need of masks. I only have a few n-95 slightly used for my studio work, which I'm handing over, they don't care if I've used them.

I'm also going to try to create a hand sewn mask for them to wear over top of whatever mask they have, to protect it. I was told all protocol is out the window so any mask they are happy to have.

I know some of you were discussing how to help our fellow artists. Thought I would pass this on as it is so pressing.

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Here is a video with instructions about how to make a mask.  It is by a hospital company executive.

In addition to making them for hospitals, I think these will be great gifts to friends and the people who make deliveries to your homes, to mail  deliverers and to grocery store personnel.

Elastic seems to be in short supply here (and fabric/crafts stores are closed)-- here is a mask with ties, designed by a nurse.

Very good, very good ideas.

In my Cleveland OH area, Jo Ann Fabrics will help, hopefully in other areas, too?

They have masks precut, you pick up along with elastic, and take them home, sew, and return. They will distribute.

Even if you have only one or two masks in your studio, someone could use it.

I had one unopened, the better one with the plastic vent in the front. A nurse working in the city ER- with covid patients, and family at home- was working there with no mask. So she has mine now.  

Hopefully masks will be available soon.


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