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Does anyone hire outside help to set up and break down at art fairs when you become physically unable to set up yourself.  If so, how do you go about hiring and what services do you request?  

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I dont use the labor companies because the workers get less than minimum wage they tell me
I use craigs list but have had some no friend asks for pictures and some bios. If i get an "ill do it" i say no..i expect a note as a courtesy and so i get to trust they will show up.
I always us craigs list and share with other artists. I pay $20 as i feel a grown person willing to help deserves decent pay. I pay all but 20 the first day but hold back 20 so they will show for tear down

I do the same thing, Nancy, but I hold all the money until the show and breakdown is over - unless they ask for a cash advance on the total.  That way they are probably not going to blow off the breakdown.  I've had some great people help me, btw.

Can you share the Craigslist ad text that you use to get your helpers?  That would be really beneficial to me.  Thanks!

Hi Tina, This is CC - I already did, in detail.  It's the third post down from the top.  Nancy may have something different and it would be worth looking at her example as well.


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