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I'm new to the art world and I'm excited about it. I've never shown, sold, or displayed my work. I feel that I have a future in art, what kind I don't know. I have been lurking in the background for a couple of years and have noticed how supportive everyone is. I can't wait to really get started and I am about ready to really give it a good chance. 

Thanks everyone, Sue

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Welcome!  Glad you're coming out of the woods to join us!  LOL

LOL, you know that's exactly how I feel. 

Welcome, Sue. The best way to get your courage up is to attend as many art fairs as possible, even if they require overnight travel somewhere (tax deductible, of course). Take lots of notes, look at setups, see what you like and what you'd want to avoid ... what attracts you. The art fair business goes way beyond creating art, no matter how wonderful it is, you've got to get these other parts as good as you can. There is a lot of competition to be accepted and then the real challenge bringing people into your booth to meet you and your work. 

What is your media?

My media is acrylics, but that's because it's what I've been introduced to. When I paint everything is good in my world. Do you mean that while I am learning the ropes it is tax-deductible? I'm going to as many art fairs as I can this year. I hope that I get the hang of it and can do it for a living or at least supplement my lifestyle. 

Yes, expenses related to a business, and that includes the early stages, are tax deductible. Keep your receipts, mileage, etc.

Long-time listener; first-time caller. I get it. 

What I have found is that (the vast majority of) artists are so willing to help and talk. There really is room for you. Go to art fairs. Talk to the artists. Stand back and see which booths attract customers and which ones don't. I was so overwhelmed when I first started at the willingness of other artists to share their knowledge with me. I try to pass it on. Yes, even when they are in my same medium. There is a camraderie that develops once you start doing this that is very comforting. You see familiar faces. People are willing to help. We've all been there - right on the edge of jumping in. Just jump - and trust. 

I see the same thing here a willingness to help and inspire. What you suggested about attending, looking, listening, and learning is what I'm going to do this year. As I learn the ropes it will give me a chance to produce more paintings. I remember the faces, but I'm not too good at remembering names. But, a warm smile and good conversation can overcome that, I hope. 


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