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Welcome to our Secret Santa-ing group. Names were drawn on Dec. 6. What to do next:

  1. Open that email and you'll find out who you will be sending your gift to. 
  2. Go to that person's link on and leave them a message. If there is not a mailing address ask them to add it to their page. Send a cheery greeting.
  3. Decide on a gift. This is not about $$. It is about sharing your creativity, your art, some cool object that is handmade. Baking cookies is fine too. It's about community. 
  4. Put your package in the mail by December 17. 
  5. Leave comments below if you have questions AND post your gifts with photos if you can. There will be a prize for the most creative response. A highly respected juror will choose the winner.

P. S. If you don't know how to "add an image" to your comment, click here for help: Get Started

Happy holidays to all my friends in Art Fair Land!

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Here's the photo of the necklace and earrings.

Trying to upload the photo.  Looks like it didn't work yesterday.

Ronnis, if you're having problems posting the photo take a look at the top of the site and see the tab, "Getting Started." Click on that and there is aa tab "FAQ" that will show you how to do upload a photo.

Thank you so much to Rachel McKinney from Texas for my beautiful south western pottery wall hanging..beautiful colors and gift! Thanks so much! Ha ging on the wall!

Hello everyone sorry if I did not respond......just saw this.  I sent out my Gift and also received my Gift.  So Happy Holidays to everyone in the group.  Great event and so much fun to.


Oh thank you so much Mrs. Nabors, such a very nice Gift, Coffee Cup and Many items inside with earrings and more.  Also I hope Dee Bunge liked my Gift as well.

Happy Holidays


I have been Missing in Action for over a week.  I fell walking down the steps backwards carrying a chair.  I only missed the bottom step but boy have a hurt myself.  I didn't really want to be moving around but I had 4 sons, 3 wives and a grandbaby coming for a good bit of time.  As time went on my injury seemed to be getting worse.  So, anyway, during that time I got my Secret Santa's gift.  I did post on the Secret Santa website that I got my gift, who it was from, and what it was, but not on AFI.  

So, I want to thank Lindsay Field.  She sent me these adorable earrings in green and yellow, 2 of my favorite colors.  Thank you so much Lindsay.  I did appreciate your gift and I am sorry that you wondered why I hadn't posted anything.  Thanks so much!!!

I'm glad to hear you like the earrings, Jacki! So sorry to hear about your injury!! I hope you're feeling ok, or at least feel better soon.

Lindsay, I am glad you finally know that I got your gift.  I kept looking to see if you found out.  I really like the earrings.  They remind me of the marbles I used to play with as a kid.  I loved my marbles.

I have been meaning to post on the AFI website for some time about the really cool necklace I received from Roxy Lentz. I posted on the other site but wanted to share what she sent me with everyone because it's such a unique piece of jewelry. The coloration and patina on this piece is so striking and unusual. Thank you so much for sharing your art with me, Roxy! 

Here’s my lovely gift from Robert Wallis.   It looks beautiful and gives the wall so much color and life. Thank you Robert. 


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