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Welcome to our Secret Santa-ing group. Names were drawn on Dec. 6. What to do next:

  1. Open that email and you'll find out who you will be sending your gift to. 
  2. Go to that person's link on and leave them a message. If there is not a mailing address ask them to add it to their page. Send a cheery greeting.
  3. Decide on a gift. This is not about $$. It is about sharing your creativity, your art, some cool object that is handmade. Baking cookies is fine too. It's about community. 
  4. Put your package in the mail by December 17. 
  5. Leave comments below if you have questions AND post your gifts with photos if you can. There will be a prize for the most creative response. A highly respected juror will choose the winner.

P. S. If you don't know how to "add an image" to your comment, click here for help: Get Started

Happy holidays to all my friends in Art Fair Land!

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Thank You so much to Jeff & Judy Goodwin! I adore these earrings and necklace, and the information on how it's made is fascinating.

APOLOGIES for not posting sooner, had a major health issue take over this month, and am just now finally getting back on track...again, Thank You!

So sorry to hear about your health issues, Ariana.  We're glad you liked the jewelry.  I noticed that one of the ear wires has lost it's little gold embellishments. If I send you a new ear wire would you be able to put it on the earring? 

Yes, certainly! Thank you so much, once again...and my address is 31 Tiemann Pl. #48 NYC, NY 10027--I've received several compliments, btw :)

Please forgive me everyone-I have been trying to upload a photo that I took of my Flam(ingo)tastic gift for the last two hours, but I just can’t figure out how to do it. I have clicked on the link above (on how to get started adding a photo-but it just takes me back to this site). And of course, my software engineer (hubby) is at work. So, let me first ell y’all about this wonderful gift that I was sooooo lucky to receive. I got my present, but had to wait until after Christmas to open it. I am fully immersed in Shakespeare’s play ‘Measure for Measure’ right now. I’m creating tons of period documents, fake food, satchels, tavern items, etc. And my director has all five acting areas in a different time period. whew-but fun. So, I was finally able to relax two days (while we have been dark at the theatre), and was so thrilled, estactic, in awe and so very appreciative for the time, talent and effort that went into my gifts. My wonderful Santa, Vicki Oster, designed, created and painted the most precious Flamingo for me! I just squealed. She also included some very fun doo-dads for me to play with. I’ve decided to split those cute items in two places-half will go into a memory booklet and half will be incorporated into a special bead embroidery piece (to be displayed at my next show). This Flamingo has already made her stage debut. I have brought her to rehearsals, and when someone in the cast has forgotten to use one of my props, I just hold her up (rather then saying something during notes about it). Then the actor quietly knows that they goofed (and are not embarrassed by their forgetfulness). I’m beginning to wonder tho, if a couple of them are trying to, not have their prop with them, so that they can get the ‘raised Flamingo.’ Thank you again Vicki for being sooooo thoughtful and caring about my gift. You have made me and 37 cast members very happy and put smiles on the crews faces with this adorable “Flamingo’spearean” painting. And, yes, we combined both names, Flamingo and Shakespearean -and she sports it very well!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! And, as soon as William has some time late tonight, I will ask him to post the photos that I have taken of her.

That is a cool story. I think I took a picture with my phone, posted on FB, then went to FB and clicked to make it big, then right clicked to get the option to SAVE or save as. then I could save as a jpg, give it a name, and save to desktop. 

My secret santa gift managed to dig itself out of the hussle and bustle of Christmas packages and made it to it's new home - little ole me.  Thank you Trudy van Dyke for the gorgeous hand painted scarf which is also in my favorite colors! 

What's uncanny is in my 60+ years on this earth I have never worn scarves and never had a desire to.  Especially here in Florida.  But in October I bought a handmade scarf for my mother at a show we were doing.  My sweet mother has dementia and when it became obvious she didn't know what to do with the scarf and when I put it on her it was confusing for her so I took the scarf back.  Shortly after we were going out somewhere and I decided to wear the scarf and realized that I really liked scarves. 

Then here comes my secret Santa that sends me a beautiful beautiful hand painted scarf.  My liking scarves was not in any of the info I gave my secret santa about me but somehow Trudy knew.  Teal is my favorite color and I love how different colors are combined that compliment the teal.  And it is as light as air so I will be able to wear this anytime

Thank you again Trudy for such a beautiful and thoughtful gift.  I will treasure it and wear it frequently!!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (The picture I attached wasn't turned sideways and I don't know how to fix it here so sorry if you get a kink in your neck to see it!

Any word on the issue with people receiving multiple names? It didn’t happen to me, but could be a reason some haven’t received a Secret Santa, which did happen to me :-)

Hi Donald, still trying to figure this out. I have not received a gift and I see that the person I sent a gift too is thanking someone else on the draw names site for something I didn't send her. Is the post office in on this also?

Well, it must be the third party site that was used, don't you think, that created the list issue? Is there a master list showing all the mach ups? is the third party, right?

Totally true, Claudette. However, I have access to those lists and they are not matching up with some of these issues. This is the 7th year I've used draw, but this hasn't happened before. 


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