Here Comes Santa! Part II - 2017

85 Santa's are participating this year! Their gifts need to be in the mail by Dec. 16. Santa's gifts should be arriving soon at your house. 

Here is Part 2 of the gift exchange: post a photo of your gift in the comments below -- Show us what Santa sent you, please?

In exchange we will have a guest judge award a prize to the person who puts in the best story and shows us their gift --

Prizes for presents:

after you receive your gift, take a photo of it and post it below in the comments

  • the best photo/gift combo will receive a $50 gift certificate from Ann Arbor's excellent Zingerman's Deli from us folks here at AFI (Connie, Jacki, Tina and John)

  • (as I told you before I stole this idea from - this link will show you the Reddit giftees showing off their gifts)

Thanks for playing with me!

Here are last year's gifts:

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  • Never say Santa isn't busy! Lo and behold he delivered my gift on January 30. Many thanks to my specially busy Santa who custom made this beautiful bracelet for me ... I opened it when my sister was here and she tried to take it away from me. No way. We both read the enclosed information and are still mystified about the materials used. No matter, really special. I love it and will wear it with thoughts of you, Jean, and all the wonderful people I have met on this website. Thank you Jean Houndsome!



  • Thank you so much for this beautiful mug I received from Becky Zee. She is from Memphis/Mississippi.

    i will enjoy! Sorry, the last 6 weeks I have been home less than 10's good to finally be home based again for a while and not have to pack up to go somewhere...gonna sit back and enjoy an amazing cup of butternut squash soup in my new mug! 



  • My gift came from Russ Mead ... thank you Russ for your handiwork with Sumi brush to make this beautiful piece - framed and everything.  It is loved.  ~ Babette


  • Who won the $50 Gift card?

    • Ok! Thanks Connie!
    • Hard to believe this, Rosie, but gifts are even today in the mail. At least that's what my "Santa" told me today ... News tomorrow on the rest of the details. Be watching in your mailbox.

  • Wowza Secret Santa Megan Shaw!  My much anticipated Secret Santa gift arrived today, meticulously & professionally packaged and...beautiful!!!  Megan, I LOVE your photography and what you chose to gift me with.  You couldn't have possibly know this, but I have been there!  And yes, I love Black & White photography but this is beyond what I could have imagined receiving.  This 20 X 16" beauty is already on my wall and will be a wonderful reminder of not only a gift from you but a piece of my history in having been to this beautiful place.  (Sorry my photos really don't capture how nicer this looks in person).

    Thank you so much!




  • I'm finally home from my holiday travels and opened my Secret Santa gift. Many thanks to my Santa (I suspect it is from Stella and Ray Hofstedt) for this finely stitched and embossed notepad holder. Stamped on the back it says, Lancaster, CA. It is so beautiful and what a lot of work. It is perfect for my needs which mostly consist of sitting at my computer where I can keep my lists and it won't get banged up and damaged going to the shows.


    • You are welcome! The pencil is for Chinese New Year!  You have the very first one - I am off to make more....

      • It is really nice, Stella. Such fine work and attention to detail. I have to say it really pays off for me running this site. I receive the best gifts!

        My grandchildren are Asian/German so I know these pencils well and it was a very nice touch especially appreciated by me. 

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