Here Comes Santa! Part II - 2016

80 Santa's are participating this year! Their gifts need to be in the mail by Dec. 16. Santa's gifts should be arriving soon at your house. 

Here is Part 2 of the gift exchange: post a photo of your gift in the comments below -- Show us what Santa sent you, please?

In exchange we will have a guest judge award a prize to the person who puts in the best story and shows us their gift --

Prizes for presents:

after you receive your gift, take a photo of it and post it below in the comments

  • everyone who shares the photo will receive a gift from me of my upcoming ebook (still being written, so you'll get a first edition) Succeeding in the Art Fair Business: 20 Tips
  • the best photo/gift combo will receive this prize a handmade deer tracks leather checkbook from Sherer Saddles

  • (as I told you before I stole this idea from - this link will show you the Reddit giftees showing off their gifts)

Thanks for playing with me!

Here are last year's gifts:

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  • I apologize for the very late reply to this thread, but life came at my family fast over Christmas this year! We are foster parents and received the lovely gift of 2 young children being placed in our home just before Christmas. In the mad rush to rearrange rooms etc. to accomodate them, I inadvertently misplaced my Secret Santa's gift to me. I found this it again last week, but sadly the artist cards were no longer with the gift. Inside the package was a lovely set of earrings for my wife made by the artist herself and a very cool handmade wooden bookmark from another local artist for me! How very thoughtfull for you to include gifts for the both of us!

    I did get my gift out on time to Patricia DeMaria and according to the tracking info it was delivered before Christmas, I just hope she is the one who received it! Thanks to all who make this gift exchange possible and I look forward to participating again in the future.


    • Congratulations, Donald, on this wonderful addition to your family. I hope your Christmas wonderful for all and the children are thriving in your care. I'll retrieve  the name of your giftee .. best to you all.

  • Thank you to everyone who participated this year. Here is the wrap-up of this year's extravaganza.

    Congratulations to Maggie McHugh Parrish whose post and thank you to her Secret Santa Mary Ann Maslanka, chosen by our esteemed judge Trudi Van Dyke. Maggie, please contact me so I can send you your prize.

    (Sadly a few people who signed up did not send gifts. If you did not receive a gift please contact me.)

  • Hello everyone, sorry it took me so long to post but I had 2 computer melt downs over the holiday.

    I received my secret santa (aka Ray Holstedt) gift of a still life painting- Coffee Cup Gardener. I just

    love it! This is my first year doing this exchange and I had a lot of fun. Thank you Ray for the painting

    and I will be framing it as soon as I make one for it. Also, your leather goods and guitars are amazing!

    check out Ray's website= TheAngryMushroom.com301675446?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Thank you to my secret santa - Oscar Matos Linares - for the Amazon Gift Card! Always a treat to be able to pick out my own gift. Thank you!

  • (Posted to the 2015 thread by mistake ... now corrected) Robert Wallis sent me a wonderful notebook and a photo from the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky. I have a lot of memories of Cumberland from my college days, so it is already framed and hanging in a special place in my office. The notebook will be invaluable as I expand my art endeavors. A perfect set of gifts!



  • My beautiful earrings.  It amazes me that these are perfectly fit for me!  Jessica Daman, thank you so very much.  The card which accompanied my earrings is from the Kentucky Arts Council.  Kentucky holds some very special memories for me so...even more special.  I also searched for you on the net and found your fb site.  You are an amazing artist.  I am incredibly blessed and grateful our paths crossed in this way.  What an amazing site and a really great idea for an artist gift exchange!  Thank you to all who participated!


    2016 Artfairinsider Secret Santa Gift.jpg

  • Thank you to my Secret Santa ( Wendy Holder ) for this beautiful necklace. If I didn't know better I would think we had met before because it couldn't be more perfect for me.

    • Oops the photo didn't load981292354?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

      • Kendra you are very welcome.  I did a bit of homework before creating this etched pendant (this was the best of the bunch - the others went into the scrap pile).  Your art is truly amazing.

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