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I need help with a booth shot for my fused glass.  I need to arrange my works so they look professional in the booth image.  Any help will be appreciated...I can take your criticism, I know this shot is not very good.  Thanks in advance.  Nancy

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I took a quick look and have a few suggestions.

Take your name off. Back up and show the third wall. Some kind of tiered display on the table would look more interesting. Take out the wrinkles from the table covers. If the work on the wall at the front were not so close to the edge of the booth, you could crop eliminating the space at the right of the table cover.

You might want to look at a folding bookcase to put on the table.

Larry Berman

Thanks for the ideas.  I actually have one of those folding book cases and will give that a try.  I can crop out the area on the side of the table...I do have a photo with the third wall but I felt it look to confusing/cluttered.  Is it all right to crop a large portion of the booth out?

One way to make the tables look a little cleaner is to use a stiffer fabric and tailer the covers. This would eliminate the pulls, wrinkles, and seeing through in some areas. I actually use RV carpeting that I cut to size and wrap around the front and sides of the tables. It's cheap, indestructible and unaffected by the wind.

Robin Ragsdale


Thanks for the ideas...I will have to clean up those table images.

You might also consider some type of colored panel behind your work.  It seems that there is too much white.....

Where do you get the carpeting? Is it bulky to pack and carry?  I assume you use heavy duty velcro to attach it to the tables.

RV mats can be found at Camping World or other locations that sell RV accessories.  We've found it to be easy to use, light weight, easy to clean and best of all RV mats do not absorb water.  Very important when doing outdoor shows in locations like Seattle!

My first thought was regarding the tables.  I like to raise the tables using bed risers or pvc pipe to a higher level.  It helps customers not bend over and it gives a more thought out professional look.  I do understand with glass that it is important to have a sturdy table..... but the bed risers work well for me with the tables I have and most I know of. 

From a director point of view..... I like the third wall showing. 

Raise the tables, a different color cover- maybe sandy beige- white is too bright, cream or beige is neutral, so wouldn't detract from the product. Arrange the shelves on the wall opposite the tables, and use the back wall as your "Gallery" area, for hanging items. This will give the booth better flow. And small stepped displays or shelves on the table will also help get the items up closer to eyes of consumer and create more interesting display. 

I would consider a floor too.  Purely from an aesthetic viewpoint.  Flooring helps the booth look more finished.  I use a simulated wood grain floor that fits together like a puzzle.  I got it from  It costs around $150.00 for a 10X10. 

Nancy - how do you have the branch bowls hanging on the side of your tent wall? Are you using fishing line and S hooks?

S hooks on Flourish netting.  I have redone my booth completely and it looks much better now...thanks to all of you for your help!


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