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HELP! — Looking for THIS potter Artist Photos attached....

Hi all... ;-)

There is a inline image here and I have attached some other files to this post.

A few years ago my wife got me these awesome Organic works of pottery.  Yes, they do have overt sexual inferences - that's the part I liked the best. :-D  Subtle, Dark.. Yet humorous.    But, I digress... We can't read the sig. on the flying one and the other one the sig is all obscure.  However; I am certain that some of you will know immediately who the Artist is.. so I beg your help in determining that.

TIA to everyone.. and if you are still out there schlepping tents on the weekend I wish you all the sales you can possible handle.  


 Steiph Zargon   Email Direct:

Renaissance Man & Woodturner Extraordinaire

Photographer, Cabinet Maker & Custom Furniture Design/Build

   (Don Quixote comes to mind here... ;-D  )

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Where did you meet him? what show? Is it Dennis Thompson of

I don't know... but I found his Facebook page and posted a comment to him.  Find out soon I suppose.  Thanks for the suggestion.

Hey Connie,  

     Greetings to you... and everyone on the NET.  

So... yes it's been 'bout 4 years... time sure does fly!

Never did find the Artist behind my awesome pottery art.  I think he took a dirt nap.  But, I'll always remember him fondly and treasure his out of this world creations.  

Best regards,


I would have sworn it was Dennis Thompson! Have you tried Google Images? ... they have just about any image ever posted on the web. It is an amazing resource ... choose some key words that might lead you there.


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