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   I am so glad that there is something like this. I just wish I had found it earlier.

   A bit about me, I am a ceramic artist, or potter if you like. I do mostly fine art pottery. You know, the kind that could be functional, but you don't actually use ;-). I went to KCAI several years back and kind of got sidetracked doing remodeling work. Last year I finally lit a fire under my but to get things going with my art, and one thing was to try a couple art fairs. I did Art Outside, which is a local only art fair in St. Louis, and it went very well for me.  There were a couple others but art outside was the best.

   This year I am kicking it up a notch and I have been applying for many more shows. So far I have been accepted (and plan on doing) Laumeier, St. Charles fine art fair, Art Austin @ the Domain, and Lincolnshire. I am also on the wait list for Belleville, Goldcoast, Queeny park, and Canton national art show.

   I am applying to more as well, and would really like to do Uptown, Wayzata Art Experience, Stone arch bridgefest ( I have family in Minneapolis), St. Louis Art Fair, Art and Air, Historic Shaw art fair, and Bucktown.

   It is a little frustrating ending up on the wait list for so many shows, makes it hard to plan things. And another issue I didn't think of, is paying all these booth fees, yikes! But I am hoping it will be a good year and the bathroom remodel I am finishing up right now will be my last!


   I don't have a website up yet, working on that, but here is some of my work.

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Hi Greg and welcome to AFI - things that are functional (even if they're never really used!) are a good excuse to buy!

Hello from a fellow St.Louisan and welcome to AFI! I'm in the Queeny Art Fair and have applied to the Historic Shaw Art Fair as well as Art & Air. Maybe we'll meet in person at one of those of we both get in (fingers crossed).

Robin Ragsdale

Hi Robin, Did you go or submit work to the artist review workshop that the St. Louis art fair put on. I went and it was very informative, learned a lot about how jurors judge applications.

I did and wanted to say hi but you left or moved and I couldn't find you. It was really interesting. I can't believe how important the booth shot is. Guess I'll be redoing mine soon.

Before today, I did a quicky photo fix on that one pot they said should be reshot. It's what I do when I'm bored or putting off cleaning the house. Hope you don't mind.

Maybe we'll see each other at a show. I'm doing Queeny in March and wait listed for Art & Air.



No, don't mind at all, looks way better. That is a photo I had taken on my table in studio with a cheap point and shoot. But I never got back to taking a good picture of it before it sold, and I really like the pot. I thought it was an OK image until I saw it blown up big on the wall next to the other images.

  I knew I needed a better booth shot, and had planned to redo it anyway before they had even looked at it, but I was surprised at how critical they were of it, and of everyone's booth shot. I didn't realize the booth shot was so important. I am surprised I got into the fairs I have already after what they said about it. It is good to know though.

  The big thing I wanted to know for myself was was my work too different from each other, and I guess it was, at least for the level of shows that they are talking about. I will probably do an application for each body of work for my St Louis art fair application and some of the other more competitive shows.

  I plan on going to queeny even if I am not in it, So I will find you when I am there, what kind fo work do you do Robin?. i have actually never been to that one. I did get accepted to art and air, but it is the same weekend as two other shows I was contemplating so not 100% sure what I am going to do. I think I am going to buy the art fair source book for the midwest to help make some of my decisions.

I design jewelry, but didn't send anything to the deal today. I was just there as an observer for my other career: photo fixing for artists. I also do photography sessions and two of my clients were there with me to see how their new shots looked in the jury environment. They looked really good. (whew!)

Definitely come by to see me at Queeny. My jewelry name is Adorned.


Hi, Gregg. I'm new, too! You've been much more proactive than I. Have only done one show and it was a bomb. Of course, I console myself because most of the returning artists said it was abnormal for the event.

Welcome Gregg, those are some top of the line shows that you have gotten in to and are trying to get into.  It is hard being on the wait list, but you certainly have some great shows for this year.  If you do well at all of those you will be a happy man.

Let us know how your year goes later on.  We'd love to know.

Well Jacki, I will give you an update right now. So far I have done Art Fair Laumeier, AOTS Belleville, 57th Street and AOTS Madison. On my schedule I still have Uptown, St. Louis and Plaza.

   The reception to my work has been great, even won a couple awards. Sales have been OK. I am still really learning what kind of things people buy. I have a lot of people that like my aesthetic but don't find a piece that is what they are looking for. For example I had a green color that people seemed to like but never buy. For my last show I switched to a different green and they all sold except for one.  What a different such a small change can make.


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