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I am interested in getting stamp made to mark merchandise bags. Ideally, using my own typeface / logo. I know you can order bags with hot stamped logos, but it’s expensive and some form of rubber stamp used on my paper bags would work as well. I notice potters doing this a lot on their plain brown paper bags.


Thanks for your help.

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Hi Linnea-it’s been ages since we’ve talked! But, when I saw your post, I just had to respond. I have gotten my rubber stamps made by our local, independent print guy. He isn’t part of a franchise and I have been doing business with him for over 25 years now. I was able to really control the look of my logo, the quality of the design and the final product. Make sure that you ask for deep cut. Shallow may be less expensive, but the stamp might come out muddy, depending on what you are stamping it on. Also, I had mine put on a wooden base and I had one done as just a floppy mat (for curved surfaces). You will never regret having one made. I also have had a self inking ‘push’ stamp made too. It’s nice to always be prepared. And, that one comes in handy when I have to have mass stamping done that require my logo and contact information. If you can, it helps to have your work done locally. Hope this helps. Good luck with your shows!

Hi Linnea. When I read your post, I thought I’d share because I do just what you’re talking about.

I uploaded an image of my logo to Rubber Stamp Champ. You choose the type and size stamp you want and can see a proof before the stamp is made. Quick service, good prices, and good quality. I got a 3”x3” wooden stamp of my logo that I use to stamp on Kraft bags at my shows. I really like the look, not to mention the free advertising from a customer carrying your bag. Hope this helps.

Here's another resource for yah....

Linnea,  I'm so glad that you asked this question!  I have been considering how to put a logo on my jewelry boxes.  Currently, I'm using a self-inking push stamp for my bags.  I got it from my local stamp making company, but it is a bit small for my bags, and definitely doesn't work for my boxes.  These responses are so helpful to me as well.  Thank you to all the people who have answered Linnea's question.

I have used for years and would highly recommend them..


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