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So So So sick of adjusting my propanels from the ground up ....the legs  get jammed inside the tubes and wont extend half the time , uneven ground etc.... i want to be able to hook my propanels  on my tent frame and let them " hang" ..... sure ill put a few stabilizer bars down after the fact but any ideas how to attach some sort of hooking system to the tops of the panels ?

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we up graded from gridwalls to propanels after packing up three straight shows using our gridwalls gave Jim a heart attack. We now use the gridwalls in the raised bed gardens as trellises for the green peas, green beans, and cucumbers.


Wow, that's a great idea!  I've been bugging my husband to pick up some sort of trellis for a climbing hydrangea we planted last year.  I think I'll use one of my grids.  Thanks!  My gridwalls currently hang in my studio where I place finished work prior to loading it into my trailer.  It works out really well as I can move them around and often sell paintings between shows from my studio.  Have a great show season!

Shelagh, don't know if you would find it any easier, but we use small custom made blocks to level the panels. Basically, 2x4x4 blocks. In various combinations, they are used to prop up each set of legs. I have some 1/2 and 3/4" plywood shims as well. I don't think it's any easier than the thumbscrew extensions you're using. In fact, I've thought about retrofitting all of my panels with the extension tubes. 

Here's what they look like. You need one more than the number of panels in a wall. Three sides are drilled, three sides are not. Turn the block to get riser heights from 1.5" to 4". Stack them. Use the holes to secure the panel feet, or use the flat side to get an extra half inch of height. It takes a bit of practice to level out some walls. Having two people, one to lift and one to slip the block under helps, too.

Thought about making these and selling them? I'd buy a few. for sure :-)

I just got through doing the Talbott Street Art Fair when the booth space extends six feet out into the street and four feet back past the curb. The differential from the street to the grass is 4 1/2 inches, but the street is crowned, so there's a substantial drop at the curb. I used a concrete block with a 2x8x16 board glued to the top of it, and place that out in the street. A 2x8x10 board goes on top of the block and a couple of more 2x8x16 boards go underneath the ten footer back on the grass to level the whole thing out. Everything is painted white, although gray to match my propanels might be a better idea. Everything is lag screwed together, and the tent legs are screwed into the ends of the boards. It makes leveling everything a lot easier.

The expensive solution is is to get the Propanel upgrade kit for the legs that allows an extra 12 inches on the leg extension. It's a thumb screw lock that has detents every inch and can be tightened in between as needed. That one is a hell of a lot faster than my solution. The potter next to me at TSAF has those, and it's quick. I've got 5 extra panels I bought from another artist that have the short legs (mine have the taller legs) and I plan to pick those up so the heights will match.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the street, isn't it? Shelagh is complaining about the lack of ease using the extensions, and we're thinking it's the best solution to an age-old problem... Different jokes for different folks, I guess.

Wow Jim , very impressive! Thank you so much ! and thanks to everyone,  and as far as i am concerned  I dont think these extensions are the answer,,, they come with a host of issues. Anyhow, I will take all this advice in and try to come up with something that works .



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