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I make a number of different items and have come up with reasonable display solutions for all except my hats. Doe anyboody have any non standard solution for showing multiple hats without tacking up too much floor space? Thank you

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HI  on ebay there is a person that sells hat racks etc. it is Mathews Wire Inc.  I don't know if you are familiar with ebay, but they have several hats stands     I also, sell hats but I purchased my rack which holds about 20 hats from a store going out of business.  hope this helps you  K 

Thank you I will check them out.

Where a lot of artists in the Hampton Roads area get their display pieces is a "store fixture" business, Dolphin Fixtures.  They sell to artists at the wholesale prices they use for other businesses.  Try looking for a similar business in your area.  Dolphin has a website at Dolphin Fixtures and you can order from them. 

For anyone near Norfolk, VA, Dolphin is an interesting place to rummage through.  They sell new and used and I always find something I need there! 

I made racks that hang on the sides of my canopy.  They are flat and look a bit like a hanging ladder.  I use wire bent at the top of the rack that bends around the top of the canopy bar.  Each rack is about 2 ft. wide and about 4 or 5 feet long.  I screwed the sides and top together so it forms a rectangle and screwed several 2 ft. pieces to the sides so it looks like the rungs of a ladder.  I drilled holes, in the rungs and ran heavy gauge wire which I bent to an upside down U.  There are 2 of these on each rung.  They hold the hats.  It works wonderfully and I have had these racks for over 30 years.  The nice thing is that when the wind blows, they don't fall down and when kids come in they don't get knocked down, either. They just sway.  Also, when the hats get pulled off of the wire, it bends but doesn't break.  Many of my hats are for kids so they often are in a hurry to grab them down.    I used very light weight wood trim about 1/2 in. X 1 1/2 in. x what ever length you need it to be.  It was very cheap to make.


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