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I applied months ago to participate (or at least display my work) at the KRASL Artisan Market in November - and low and behold today I received acceptance to both applications.  What i am wondering is what your experience might have been with this market.  If you were there in person was there a good foot traffic with buyers?  Were you pleased with the outcome of your work selling at this market?  Any tips, or hints to offer?  Thank you.


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I participated several years ago with hand woven scarves ranging in price from $55-75.00.  Sold one.  They used to recommend a price point.  Not sure if they still do that. But if they do, heed their advice.

I participated a couple years ago but I wasn't there so I don't know about traffic.  It wan't worth my driving my work over (3 hour round trip) and picking it up. I had wearable art none higher than $75.

Thank you both. I live in Cleveland so I plan to ship my things- and yikes, I do wearable fiber.wel we shall see

How did it work out? I received an application last year but was on the fence about applying.

. Oh, I had a wonderful experience. Krasl sent me a pack of labels and inventory sheet. I shipped my box of items, they acknowledged receipt, and several days later photos of the opening, with careful attention to showing all of the work displayed. And a majority of my work sold. At the end of the show they emailed a complete list of the inventory reflecting status via email, and the unsold items were shipped back very timely. I would say this was a wonderful thing for me. I was delighted to gain exposure into another market, as I live in Cleveland, and this was western Michigan. I would apply again.
As an aside, my work is silk, silk cocoons and wire crochet with deme bead embroidery.


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