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Has anyone had experience with the Toledo Zoo "Wild About Art" show?

I was invited to the Toledo Zoo's Wild About Art show and another show in Chardon, Ohio on the same weekend.  I know what the Chardon show is all about, but wondered if anyone has had any experience with the show at the zoo?

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I have never heard of this show, is it new?

I would be skeptical of a show if it is being held during the same hours that the zoo is open if they are planning to get your customers from the zoo attendance crowd.

I used to do the Chardon show when I lived in Ohio. It was an hour drive for me and the day after Lakewood, so everything was packed and ready to go.

Small show, but I would pick Chardon as the attendees are only there for the show.

Chardon is cool, small show. Really nice people and easy to do. We always had respectable sales.

For what it's worth, a similarly-themed show in Dallas was a total bust.

It was one was there to shop, they were there to be at the zoo. And the children!! OMG, very few parents controlled the children. Sticky, wet, dirty and uncontrolled children high on sugar!! Need I say more?

Difficult to get in and out because they wouldn't let you on the area to set up, you had to cart to your spot even though there was enough room to bring cars in...not big trailers, but the SUV's and small trucks would have been fine.

Also, it was hot! On Sunday by 2 pm no one was there. It was so bad the artists got together and decided to pack up and walk out if we had to. They finally allowed us to leave.

My advice....don't bother.

Thanks all!  I was already leaning towards the Chardon show, as it’s closer to my home, less expensive booth fee, and I know it gets a decent, dedicated turn out.  But I wanted to have a back up show, and I used to live in Toledo and knew they have a terrific zoo. Also, they have a two day show, whereas the Chardon one is only one day.  However, the zoo show is only in its third year, I think, and I also worried the crowd would be there just for the zoo and not the art.  Jeff and Lynn,thank you for sharing your experience - you’ve just confirmed the Chardon show for me!

Stay away. The folks are pleasant enough but there are no sales. Nada. I take that back: I sold one $20 print. Some artists left after the first day. It was the same all over.

If you think about it, you understand why. The people who are there are there to visit the zoo. Think hot, sweaty and with tired kids. They are NOT in a shopping mode. 

Plus, anyone who wants to come to just the art fair portion has to pay the same zoo entrance fee. 


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