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Considering the price of Happifeet, I would like to think that I was safe in assuming that the standard 32 lb weights were sufficient protection.... However, the fact that they offer 16 lb add on weights makes me question.... 

Does anyone have any experience of using Standard Happifeet Weights without the optional add on weights?  Is this enough weight to keep a Trimline tent on the ground in high winds?

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That is helpful, thanks! We are trying to figure out what weight system we need right now. 

I was in a show this past weekend where wind gusts likely exceeded 30 mph. I had my ez up, but no stabars. I had 4 ez up tall sandbags with about 45 lbs sand in each. I zip tied the handles to the legs and used the Velcro wrap straps.
While my tent stayed on the ground, the largest gusts did move it laterally. As the day went on, I rolled up the three sidewalls I had up part ways to reduce my amount of surface area.
All the exhibitors were keeping a hand on their tents regardless of tent design , cost, or manufacturer.

There was lots of damage to a number of exhibitor inventories. Most came from displays which blew over; but I saw several tents that took damage and at least one jeweler had a blow-over. Another jeweler, who had a car-shelter- type tent pulled the ball bungees and removed the tarp top before it went airborne.
Forgot to mention this was a street event. There was no staking allowed or tying off to city property.

Take home lesson was that plenty of exhibitors had plenty of weight, but all felt nervous about the wind. I don't think that 45 lbs per leg was enough in my situation

I have found that  adding some rubber pads to the bottom of my tent legs adds a little extra resistance to leg movement on hard surfaces. I cut up a thick rubber floormat for this purpose and it is well worth it...Every step adds up to secure my tent.

Oh absolutely. I think 45 per leg is the bare minimum. It will keep you grounded up to a 30mph gust. Any more then that, you need some extra weight. 

That's brutal.

And i agree that some shows need a lot of weight! Unfortunately, most people dont know that until they get there. If youre lucky you had a friend or acquaintance who gives you a heads up.

Recently i went to a show with a little under 400 pounds of weight. (And that's not including me holding onto a leg...)


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