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Hi everyone.  I am a crystalline glaze potter in North Carolina and am in my 6th year of doing still a newby. 

My question/inquiry deals seeks to get advice on what to do about shows that have been good up until this year and so far sales are down sharply.  Three larger shows that I've done for several years and sales have been increasing every year, this year are about half of last year.  I did raise my prices very slightly this year (1/4%), but I wouldn't think that would account for the disparity.  I have introduced new product, and new glazes but have kept the better performers in the line.  My pricing structure goes from around $30 to $500 with the median about $90.

Two of the shows are close to each other geographically, the third is around 100 miles from the other two.  All are in generally affluent areas.

Should I lay off of those shows for a year or two, or doggedly stay with them?  I'm very open to any suggestions from the veteran's here.



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You guys are the bomb.  Love this place, and art show people in general... no shortage of people willing to lend a hand are give awesome advice.  Thank you all.

I do try to introduce new ideas and product several times a year, along with keeping the best sellers.  Also change out my booth appearance...hopefully for the better... when it feels like it's getting stale.

Recently got a new website up and running along with Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and links.  Have had a good amount of traffic, but no online sales as of yet.  I do need to work those avenues much better (which I'm not real good at).

Probably my biggest issue to overcome is that I'm not a salesman by nature.  I've done a pretty good job of overcoming a basically shy nature and am much more at ease conversing with strangers.  I typically maintain a positive and upbeat believe in my product and try to communicate that.  Guess the toughest part for me is identifying hidden objections and overcoming them to close the sale.

Don Mienders - I probably stated the increase incorrectly.  The 1/4 increase was applied to the multiplier I use to set prices.  ie. measured diameter x height x "multiplier" (was 2.25 now 2.5)

As far as being a "salesman", I strongly recommend the two books by Jack White. He was an artist and a salesman extraordinaire!. Can find them downloadable on Amazon for about six bucks each.

Find a replacement show. Always try a few new ones so you have someplace to go when others go downhill due to management changes or ??????????


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