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Many people know who I am talking about if I say "the watch guys", and if you don't you can message me. Many people also know what a plague they have been in the art fair world.
  Well, we all had a little victory today. The "watch guys" had been accepted into the ACC show in Atlanta. After another artist noticed this and wrote to the show informing them about the business practices of the "watch guys", the director promptly kicked them out of the show.
  So when we speak up it can make a difference.

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Woo-Hoo! There is justice in this world after all :-)

I am sharing this with everyone because the writer of the letter wants to remain anonymous, at least in the public realm.

Thats great news, Greg!!!!  I am glad shows are listening.

That is good news.

The thing is, there was proof of their practices, not just another exhibitor making unfounded claims. And that's the difference.

I am a firm believer of "innocent until proven guilty" and the proof was there.

Thanks for this info, Gregg. The evidence definitely looked convincing to me. Great that the ACC took action.

Little by little, it may be disappearing,I hope so.I'm getting tired of competing with  cheap mass produced jewellery from China...Even more so trying to explain it to people as they whine about all the high priced stuff at the shows....I was in three shows last year, all three had buy sell.I even told one show about it as did others, they still let them set up...(banging head on concrete)


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