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I am at Estes Park Art Market, Co and a discussion among several artists is the new "corporate management" that is running the 2018 Golden show.  I was told it is the same "Cherry Creek outfit" that took over Crested Butte a few years ago, and the jury for Golden, Crested Butte and Cherry Creek is the same people. The same scenario that happened at Crested Butte has happened at Golden: Long term artists with high sales and loyal to the show were not invited. I had done Golden for 12 consecutive years and received 1st and second place awards for fiber (my medium is leather). More important, I generated a lot of tax revenue for the City of Golden. The 2017 Best of show artist was not invited back as well as other long-term exhibitors. It’s no skin off my nose as I no longer apply to Crested Butte and I have never wasted my money on Cherry Creek. With Golden off my list, it opens Jackson, WY in August and some other Colorado resort area shows. I wish Golden luck with their new venture and hope the Golden Chamber of commerce is happy with their tax revenue.

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Right on, Dick. Some how, some way, we artists need to come together and figure out a way to fight back..

I had also done Golden consecutively for years and won awards more than once, but have not been accepted since they switched gears a couple years ago. This year, I am doing the new show in Golden in July instead.

Oh wow this is interesting. Not being from the area I had not heard this. I did Crested Butte and Golden last year. Decided to make the drive again ( my daughter lives in Denver ) applied to Crested Butte didn't get in but I did get in Golden. I wondered what was up, the booth fee seemed higher then last year. I enjoyed meeting you last year Richard. I'll let you how it goes this year 

Higher booth fee???? Seems to fit the business plan. The artist I spoke with yesterday is a numbers guy like me and there was a consensus that a  show with the same number of artists shifting to predominantly high end artists, will probably leave many holding the bag. The reason being, communities like Crested Butte and Golden simply do not have the number of high end buyers in their population of residents or visitors.  The Golden show coincides with move in for students at Mines, and many of my clients were parents. Hmmmm. If Jimmy just got into Mines, will Mom and Dad have any disposable income for art???? A new belt or billfold for the kid yes, a new garden sculpture?????  At Crested Butte I usually had four or five "trophy wives" of gentlemen ranchers in CO or TXs who would load up on silver mounted stuff for their horses or themselves which made days. I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to the all important reviews. 

CORRECTION: I spoke with another Golden artist yesterday, and the new gal managing the show is not the one from Cherry Creek, but she is using the same business model. The point remains the same. Last year’s reviews of the show are not relevant to 2018 or 2019. On the flip side, artists seeking what I call “high-end esoteric shows” who are looking for new venues, might look at Golden as well as Crested Butte.  I am watching this with interest as the demographics of the downtown Cherry Creek shopping district is a bit different the city of Golden, home to Colorado School of Mines, a leading engineering school, and the Coors Brewery.

Thanks for this correction, Richard. There was a change of management at this show this year. This link gives more information, definitely not Cherry Creek coming in to run this show:


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