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Got called off the wait list for Gold coast, wanted to know what peoples thoughts were on this show. I know there are many mixed opinions of Amdur Productions. I have been reading up on the past couple years, seems like 2010 was a bomb, but 2011 was better. I see that they cut back artists from 450 to 350, I know one of the complaints was too many artists and inconsistent quality.

If you did the show in 2011 do you plan on going back this year? What are your expectations?

I probably don't need this show, I can do others if need be. The booth fee is high and setup sounds like a pain, so I want to make sure it is a good show to do.

I do art pottery in the $60-500 range that has a contemporary/modern appeal.

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You should be able to do well at your price point. The thing is Amy needs to find a fix weekend for this show. After that she will make it work for almost anyone. The booth fee is high and I am skipping the show again. Now I am doing three other shows with her and 2 of them may have a higher risk but I know she does a great job and we should be fine.

Also keep in mind is election year and could very good or could be very bad. The good thing is that economy is getting better and then deal with the normal issues of the summer.

Good luck and have fun

What are your goals?  Are you trying to build up a local clientele?  If so, this may not be the show for you because it is in a high tourist area.  Tourists don't always buy larger pieces because they don't have an easy way to get something home.  

Oscar is right about the date changes.  There have been so many changes for this show so it is difficult for the locals to know when it is although Amy is great at advertising.  I don't know why Amy puts up with the aggravation of this show, the city keeps throwing roadblocks at her.

Amy has a lot of other great shows with easier set-ups and she is great at attracting crowds.  

The wonderful thing about Chicago is the loyalty of the customers! I have people come from an hour outside the city to see me at the Gold Coast. I have done this show when it was on the street and the park is a much better venue. But I agree with another blogger - the city keeps throwing Amy curve balls and she keeps hitting them back. You've got to admire her tenacity.
Your price point is good for this show. You should try it.

I did this show the first year that it was in the park. Lots of people out for a nice stroll but no one even walked into the booth- all tourists. Not a sophisticated crowd. Not art savy. It had an overall bad energy. Not a buying crowd. Amy organizes great shows but the Chicago market is over saturated with shows so there is no urgency to buy. I have a hard time making money at any Chicago show. If you want to make less than $3000 then go for it. Some people did not even make their both fee. I am a jeweler and have a range of price points and live in Chicago. I will only be doing one show here this Summer.

Well, I am going to give it a try. Wish me luck.

Hey Gregg! Fellow newcomers here, we had a crazy roller coaster year last year,our first year,  and this year we are trying Gold Coast, waitlisted for Port Clinton and doing Highland Park we look forward to seeing you and you remind me of me last year! I  just went for it!!! I love your willingness and humility and open mindedness, i think you have a good attitude for this business, i have a lot of growing up to do and need to put my big girl panties on!!! Oh yeah, have you heard from 57th street?? Nothing yet, i am getting into other shows and i have only 2 more weeks to bust a move  so i hope they will contact us soon. Peace, Maureen

Thanks for the compliments.

No, nothing from 57th yet. I think the deciding factor for Gold coast was I think I can do well in Chicago, so I want to do shows there if I can. I am Doing St. Charles, which is in the burbs, and since it seemed like 57th street was a bust I decided to pull the trigger on Gold coast. I didn't have my act together soon enough and missed some of the the early deadlines for this years shows, but now I know for next year.

Yes, I will try to find you when I am there. I am looking forward to making some friends on the fair circuit, as I think it is something I will stay with for a while, I love traveling and showing my art to people.

I just realized that booth fee with electrical fee with city permit fee is $895, wow that is steep. And hotel and parking I am sure will cost me plenty too. I am having second thoughts now. If the average sales for this show were in the $5000+ range (according to AFSB) I would go for it, but they aren't. hmmmmm.......

I would not expect sales to be anywhere close to $5000. Many people are not making much of a profit margin at this show. Too many exhibitors. Not enough pie.

I have never done gold coast but as a Michigan potters we have really cut back on all but one Chicago show. Many can be drinking fests (special events) read my wells st comments. And the others are just so darn expensive for what you get and lodging in the windy city isn't cheap! The customers are great though and many do spend but you have to be careful as that market is heavily saturated. Good luck and let us all know how it goes!

any word if there was any storm damage..was watching weather yesterday and was concerned...?

Yes, I'd like to know too. I was at another art fair, and people were saying Chicago was hit by a bad one.


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