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Can anyone share his/her opinion on these three shows: Decatur, Inman and Alpharetta? I'd exhibited at the "2014 Virginia-Highlands Summerfest" and wasn't impressed but was scoping around for info. A couple of my neighbors at that show expressed differing opinions, one saying that the only good Atlanta-area art fair left was "Decatur Arts Festival". I'd been reading good things about "Inman Park Arts Festival" on this site but those neighbors of mine said that it was more of a street fair than Virginia-Highlands. Now I see that I am receiving emails regarding the "Alpharetta Arts Streetfest", of which I can find scant reviews. The only other Atlanta-area show that I've exhibited in was "Dogwood" and that also failed to impress me ($).

Of course, I'd WELCOME any other opinion on GA art fairs that I haven't mentioned, too! (My brother and family has recently moved to Savannah.)


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Decatur is definitely worth doing - well run, established, high quality and well attended. Alpharetta is a small neighborhood show - I wouldn't recommend it if you have to travel. I've never done Inman although I've attended a couple of times. Yes there's a street fair element to it but there is also a lot of quality art. Set up and breakdown can be difficult (I haven't done the show because I won't do a Saturday morning setup) but many local artists do the show every year and say it's typically one of their better shows of the year - even those with higher end pricing. It's a bit of a mish-mash with the street fair, parade and art festival rolled into one.

Thanks very much, Barry...all good info.

Did you get into any of these shows? I applied for Decatur and was not invited. I'm new in the area and have not heard of the others.

Hi Shelly,

I didn't yet pursue these. I am relocating to Chattanooga in late July and Atlanta will be my backyard (as far as shows go). If you go to just one fair in any area, your neighbors will likely clue you in to what's available. I'd heard many differing opinions about these shows that my take-away was that I would just have to try for myself. I am sorry that you were not invited to Decatur...

Over the past 5-6 years I have reviewed almost all the shows ITP for Atlanta. Don't do OTP. Not sure of your market but you can read the reviews. Just finished Decatur. Worth trying, mixed reviews this year but strong buying crowd. I am not a fan of Dogwood either.

What are ITP and OTP?


Inside the perimeter outside the perimeter, 285

Good call, Carol...I didn't know, either.

Thanks very much for this info, Melanie...I am going to have to go look up your reviews in short order. I'm moving to Chattanooga (from MA) and with Atlanta being the closest BIG city, I am mining for nuggets.

Colleen- You should investigate the TACA (TN Craft) shows held in Nashville which will also be in your "backyard". They hold 2 shows a year. The spring is the first weekend of May and is open only to TN artists and artists of neighboring state art guilds. The fall show is the 4th weekend of September and open nation wide. They are run very well by Teri Alea, executive director of TN Craft organization. Easy load in and out. Good crowds weather it's raining or not. Lots of money in the area for buying.

I've done both shows for 3 years now. They've been increasingly better financially for me as people recognize my work from year to year. Applications are on Zapp.

Thanks so much for the heads up on Nashville, are absolutely right and that you've done it for three years is good info. I have never participated in any show in that area and know very little about the city itself but I am certain that's about to change, as I settle in.

Funny enough it was a TACA show that brought me to Chattanooga in the first place, maybe ten years ago. They had held one in Coolidge Park and I'd participated twice before it was no longer a show in existence. The timing of the show seemed to fit as a filler show but I'd done well both times I'd exhibited. The show may have ceased in Chattanooga but I kept returning for visits!

I will hope to see you in Nashville next May!

I do both Dogwood and Inman Park in April. Dogwood for me is always a top 5 show dollar wise for me, having done it for the past three years. 2015 was my 2nd Inman Park show. I agree that it can be a bit of a street fair atmosphere and it's huge, but it is always a successful show for me because of the sheer # of patrons. 


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