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GalleryPouch -- pouches for Art Work - numerous sizes available

I am selling my Gallary Pouches -- high bubble wrap pouches for storing or transporting art work -- photography, paintings, etc.

21" x 26" retails each $14.56 your price each $10     7 available
23" x 30" retails each $16.21 your price each $12     3 available
24" x 31" retails each $16.70 your price each $12     6 available
26" x 33" retails each $18.64 your price each $14     2 available
27" x 37" retails each $20.37 your price each $15     2 available

for more information about this product .. visit

I am located in Fort Lauderdale -- I can ship if needed.  Contact me with quantity, size and location of where they are going and I can give you cost.

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Hi Denise,

I replied on FB, but not sure you will even see that.  Do you have any of the larger ones still available?  And if so, are they in good condition (some of our ripped after using for a couple of years).  I'm up in Jupiter so wouldn't need to ship.

Let me know--thanks!

Julie Dietrich

Hi Julie:

I have the following pouches still available:

27x37 (2) - I sold 2 but found another 2

26x33 (2)

24x31 (4)

23x30 (3)

21x26 (7)

Let me know what you are interested in. I am driving up to Port St Lucie on Friday 1/5 and can drop them off at your house if you'd like.


Hi Denise--am so sorry for the delay in responding, I kept meaning to but kept getting sidetracked. If they are still available, I'd like the two largest ones, but if you already sold them I understand. If they are still available, can we maybe meet up next week? We are on the way to Naples for a show but have to come to Delray next week.

Let me know--thanks


Hi Denise,

Just checking in--I'm sure you are busy.  Do you still have the two 27"x37" bags?



Yes but it is not worth it to drive up to Delray for 2 pouches.  Sorry.  I work and am now in college full time.  

I understand--I would have driven down to FLL to pick them up while I was in Delray.  How much would you charge to ship them to me?  


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