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What are everyone's thoughts for the future of shows going into 2021??  Do you think it will be business as usual??  I am trying to make the decision to invest in a trailer to set up with at shows as opposed to my tent that I currently use.  (If I should decide to do this I will have my Vitabri tent for sale)  I am just a little nervous about taking the leap in this mess we are all dealing with, but don't want to wait because it will take time to have the trailer ready to go.  Thanx for your input.  Kim

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Are you referring to backing a trailer into your assigned 10 foot space? I wouldn't sell the tent so fast.

Larry Berman

Hi Larry.

I do mostly outdoor festivals and farmers markets and the ones I have done permit it.  If I don't go this route I pretty much will need to give up outdoor shows.  The trailer is only 5x8'.

You've invested a lot of money in a great tent. If you sell it you might have to get an EZUp for the shows that want a booth picture under a tent or shows you can't fit into the space because your neighbors got there sooner.

Larry Berman

The problem is I just can't do the tent, the tables, and all that goes with it anymore.  I need something I can pull in. Move my car if I need to, open up and be done.  The tent was a very good decision when I bought it. (And the $1400 was a big investment for me at the time but you and some other folks here helped me make my decision. And that's why I am here again asking for input.)  But I was doing 3 farmers markets a week last summer and it just got to be too labor intensive for me especially in the heat and humidity.  And getting caught trying to tear down during thunderstorms and getting drenched because I have to pack my car a certain way for everything to fit.  And that's now why I am considering this new set up.  Starts to rain.... I close it up and done.

Love the idea of the trailer. Doug Heifetz is doing that now but for higher end shows. So if you feel you can get away with it more power to you.

Larry Berman

The shows I do are all juried except for the farmers markets. This won't be some haphazard throw together trailer, but something I would have custom built to my specs. My original question was about what others thought about the future of shows going into 2021 to help me decide whether or not to take this next step. 

Ynon Mabat had one for sale in central Florida. Search the archives for the listing.

I just looked, but not what I envision for my business.  

Good question...

FOOD FOR THOUGHT...Many artists who survive only by doing shows are going to have the most difficult time and might find it an overwhelming task to come back financially... but this also could mean that artists who do not rely 100% on show income to survive will have an easier time returning to future shows.

Will the new normal mean a greater increase in non- full time artist participation getting a larger slice of the pie???

I do have a website too, which has been a blessing.  

I think they will be back as soon as there is a vaccine.  I have been working my way towards doing fewer shows, adding galleries, pushing my website and I was considering stopping this year with everything that is going on but I drove the van today and I'm not ready to quit yet.

I surely hope life doesn't revolve around a vaccine.  I for one have no intents to receive it.  I do have a website and a few shops carry my products.  I hate to admit, but I do like this free time I have had not worrying about shows.  But I know once I get back to doing them I will be happy I am back.  


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