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10 Annual Pledge Drive, May 19-May 30

Our mission:

  • Bring people to art fairs to enjoy and collect art
  • Provide information so artists can thrive in the art fair business

Our 10th Annual Pledge Drive is in full swing (ending on May 30) - people pledging to help support our sites, $9000 worth of prizes awaiting the drawing on May 30.

We want to thank everyone who has pledged so far and whose names will be entered in the drawing for the prizes. Will you join these generous people?


Ann Anglim, Ruchi Bartar, Jean Block, Edward Browning, Joan Brusch, Theodora Cox, Paula Dammeyer, Deborah Gunvaldsen, John Jassy, Norma Klein, Guillermo Pagan, Janet Peterson, Kristine Ritter, Barbara Scraggs, Mark Sherman, James Snively, Judith Spector, and Betty Werner


Mark Loeb, Gregory Shaull, and Pam Wiggins

Will you join early donors and help keep our websites alive and well and bringing you info and opportunities? Please click here or on the birthday cake on our site.

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  • And the pledges keep rolling in!


    Natureation, Kristin Moger, Marla Wieck, Clay Squared to Infinity, Geaux Photography, Scott Wright, Tina Noonan, and Shea Glass


    Clinton Dean, Janet Muchnik, and GRC Sign Network

  • Early Bird Drawing for the 10th Birthday Pledge Drive is this afternoon on Connie's podcast at 5:00 - check it out for a sampling of the wonderful prizes this year.

    Meanwhile, many thanks to the following (who are eligible for the drawing today)!


    Lou Ann Grover, Shanghai Tai Designs, Chris Fedderson, Lori Burns, Susan Fleming, Bradley Gray, Frances Hooper, John Jassy (2), Alice Johnson, Michele Klein, L E Maynard Enterprises, Rita Lindsay, Memories Antique Gallery, Robert Pangman, Lyn Patterson, Karen Pfender, Regal Beads, Beverly Ringenberg, Kristine Ritter, Karen Ruff, Lori Ryerson, Veronika Willard, Beechtree Designs, Debbie Cooper, Jerry Dowdle, Susan Feder, Lebenart/Bumbley, Heidi Mandich, Charene Murray, Richard Seymour, Thomas Wingate, Barry Bernstein, Brent Coulter, Michael Perronne, Chengqing Wang, and Blake Museum


    Barbara Walker, Charlotte Beales, Burnt Offerings Art, Kevin Miller, Constance Ross, and Victoria Jackson


    Richard Sherer

    ...and for the procrastinators out there:

    • Boo-Hoo :-(  I'm not listed either.  Connie doesn't love me :-( 

      Even if you don't win a prize... When we contribute we are all winners... the advice, sharing, knowledge, camaraderie and numerous other benefits from this site make us all WINNERS. :-)

      • (You didn't get your pledge in early enough, Larry. Watch for the next post.)

        • Day 11 Pledges Update:


          Tammie Everly, Robert Wallis, Katie Hoffman, Donna Dreyer, Larry Sohn, and Timothy Schroll


          Donna Aurandt


          Paolo DeMaria

          • Here are the most recent pledges - thanks to each of you!


            Theresa Jankowski, Mary Sommers, Geri Wegner, Bernadette Sza, Rhonda Brown, Patricia Monaco, Caroline Peters, Stephen Mineck, Beverly Cox, Kathryn Nidy, D Heraty, Musette Bonds, Nancy Falco, Sara Shambarger, John Shoemaker, Carol Faith, Jean Einstein, Kaity Klothes, Gerri Katz, Pamela Eckert, Moxie Sorber, Cindy Miceli, Peggy Roeder, Susan Kovach, Linda McCarthy, Laura Bundesen, and Garden Shed Studio


            Ron Gage

            For your convenience, here is our link:


        • Always late to the party. 

           I'm going to stop procrastinating...  

          ... first thing tomorrow.  :-)

  • Ny name isn't listed - Barb, Art Spectacular at the Carillon

    • Check it now, Barb! Thanks!

  • Dslexic f..ingers. misspelled claendar. Dang did it again. Done. Good luck. Looking forward to prizes as its always fun. I got a deal for an artist on a tent last year.

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