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Hello All,

I know this question has been asked myriad times. I know the load-in is shitty. I know the booth is a bit high. But i am apparently not going to make it off the waitlist for art and apples, and i have a glaring lull in my schedule around this weekend. i am so tempted to bite the bullet and do shadyside. My hubbs is working out of town so why not. Its only a few hrs for me. I can take my dog and save on the petsitter. I can camp out in my longbed if I care to do it. Its a brand new market for me. My sister lived there, and tells me that the neighborhood is a nice mix of showloving citizens. I just can't seem to make the decision, i guess because i have this nagging fear: why is the show still open only a month away? I would love some insight from anyone who has traveled to do it in the last couple years. My work is handpainted porcelain, functional and aesthetic. My price points range from around 40 to 250. I've attached a pic of some recent work, in case that helps any opinions on whether i may be a good fit for the market. Thanks in advance for any helpful commentary.


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Is it open or are you applying for the waiting list. Shadyside is one of Howard's strongest shows (whatever that means in a shifting economy) maybe second or third to Alexandria.

Larry Berman

Larry, i just double checked with him this morning. It is still open and paying my fee still guarantees me a spot.

I don't know what to say. That show has always been a sell out unless there is an extra block being used. Howard had a show there end of May.

Larry Berman


Thanks for your thoughts. I guess the show is still open in ceramics. I have girded my loins and paid my fee. Now just will hope for a good show! I do my set up alone, so i was wondering if you had any advice on a good booth space to request. I know access is from side streets, any thoughts on a good number or range to request? I assume all the spaces are marginally level as well? With my porcelain, i carry my long level to all my shows for shimming purposes! Thanks so much!

I prefer the lower numbers where the show starts at South Aiken St. My space was always a corner space at the end of the show. Easy to pull up for loading and unloading.

Larry Berman

Excellent thx so much Larry. Will you be at the show doing jury photos by chance? I am interested if so. Cheers.
Yes, I'll be doing booth pictures at Shadyside. Give me a call if you're interested.

Larry Berman
Will do

How are the streets? Lots of shims needed? Thx!


In all the years I've done it I've never noticed the street not being level. But then I've never worried about that because I just adjusted the hole in my Craft Hut legs when needed. But I don't remember ever needing that at Shadyside. I guess it's something to ask jewelers because their tables/cases need to be level.

Larry Berman

I did this show for the first time last year. I reviewed it if that helps. I am going back this year. Even though the street is tight set up and tear down aren't bad. Early morning but who needs sleep when you can sell.
Hi melanie,

I agree! A few thousand in my pocket makes sleeping a moot point. I will try and come say hello! Thanks for the insight.



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