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I just received an email which also came as a comment on my profile on that is a scam and want to share it with you all. It came from J Pollard the email address is pollardjames96@gmail. The message basically said that he had something important to discuss but wanted to do it privately as this was a public forum. There was then a link to click that was long but included artfairinsiders/profile and a bunch of stuff after it. This made me suspicious so I did a simple google search of the email that sent it and a string of sites popped up saying this email is associated with frauds and scams. Just wanted you all to be aware of it.

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Hey Scott, I just received the same email from the same sender, thanks for the heads up.

Michael Perugini


Thanks!  I got the same but didn't open it.

and I thank you all for being alert!! We do vet every person who wants to be on our site but every now and then someone slips through. Larry Berman does a great job, this is not a bot doing it. Next time see if you can find my email and let me know asap. You know there will always be a next time. My apologies for letting this happen. Please be assured that we are watching closely and do have a two step process to get onto the site to post. 

I just got another very similar one from "Maris Ahmed'

I got it tool I just got another one from Maris Ahmed.  Is there something Art Fair Insiders can do about this?


I just got another one with the exact same message as before, but this one is from Maris Ahmed also. Same exact message from 2 different emails.

Many, many apologies. AND thanks for publishing this here. I have deleted Marish's account just now. Not sure how two different people got in here this week. We are working right now to keep this from happening again. This usually happens maybe once a year!


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