• That sounds great. I sure appreciate you. 
    I hope you guys have fun camping. 


  • Sounds good, Vance. I'll wrap it in black plastic garbage bags and place it behind the chairs on our front porch (you won't be able to miss it). And if you put the cash in a sealed envelope with my name on it, you can just stick it in our mailbox, right next to the front door. We have a dog sitter coming and she's grabbing our mail, so she'll bring it in. Our address is 2800 Kearney St, 80207. My cell is (314) 497-6489 if you need to reach me, you can call or text. Thanks!!

  • I just found out I DO have to come back through Denver Monday. 
    I would love to pick it up if you want to put it under the porch. That sounds like a fine idea. 
    Is there a place under there where I could just leave you some cash? I think that could work out well. 

  • That's not a problem. I was hoping to drive back through Steamboat Springs on the way back home anyway.
    Actually, I have to come back to Denver Thursday if that would work better for you. 
    Is there a time of the day that works better for you?


  •  Alternatively, I could wrap it in a garbage bag and tuck it under our front porch (protected from the weather). Then you could just Venmo me...

  • I'll be camping in the mountains until Tuesday night. Would later in the week work?

  • I'm up in Cheyenne visiting my dad. I could pick it up Monday on my way back to silt. If you have some time around noon or 1, that would be amazing. 

  • Great! When would you be able to come pick it up?

  • I would like to purchase this stand 


    silt, co. 

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