10434943074?profile=RESIZE_710x                                                              $2500                                                          


          After 35 wonderful years in the art festival parade, it's time to let it go and enjoy retirement.

This presents an incredible opportunity for some lucky artist to showcase their work in a unique display

that has been modified and refined over three decades. I am selling the whole shebang with numerous extras

at a price that is easlily less than 1/3 the price of a run-of-the mill basic display.



















                                            So here's what you get:

10 x 10 x 7" Flourish "Trimline" canopy with 4 sides and an extra top. All used but clean and watertight.

This is an earlier, sturdier frame that is constructed of 1.5" aluminum tubing- including the roof supports, with cast iron 

corner brackets. All sides have zippers in the center and corners - two on the front.

3  -  lower support/ cross bars plus corner and wall stiffeners

2  -  3' awnings w/ supports

1  -  7' x 10' roof - wall extension to attach to rear w/ poles and straps (storage/ shade)

4  -  heavy, concrete filled PVC weights w/ adjustable straps

2  -  10' banner bars w/ 8 halogen spot lights + 2 - 4' support bars

4  -  carry bags for poles and tarps, well used...

6  -  38.5" Propanels ("moonbeam") with handmade cloth covers in like-new condition

       4 light gray and 2 deep red

5  -  30" Propanels in "moonbeam" light gray color. All clean with 2D hangers

Unique folding crown and base moulding that conceals pipes top and bottom

Leveling blocks and ratcheting straps that stabalize structure against wind

2 canvas captains chairs and large tool box full of stuff



















Also included: a custom false floor modification for a mini van (in my case a Honda Odyssey)

that allows the panels to stand upright down the center and the poles and weights stored underneath, 

with floor space on either side totaling about 4' x 7' x 3.5 ft high (84sq.ft.)

     If you live in the midwest, you can pick all this up in Iowa City,IA and get hands-on instructions for

set up and take down and how it all will fit neatly into your vehicle. I might even throw in some packing boxes

for your 2D work.

                                       CONTACT: jamespetran@gmail.com or reply to this listing

                                                                                                                thanks 10435217659?profile=RESIZE_584x


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  • Would you sell just the propanels and if so how much?

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