I have a very new tent and Breakdown Propanels in Moonbeam available for rent from me in Arlington, VA. $200 for a 2 day rental (48 hours) and $400 for a 4 day rental. This is a great option if you are looking to try out doing an art fair or two but don't want to front the inital cost for the booth setup. 

The 2 day rental is a good option for those looking to take initial photos to get into art fairs, or for a 1-day show. 

Exact Specs: 

Knockdown Propanels with "The Flex" option in Moonbeam (light grey) color with telescoping legs. (first option on the below page:)


Trimline 10x10' Canopy with skylight:


Thanks and look forward to hearing from you! 


1 Jennifer Brewer Stone Booth Photo 300ppi.jpg

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