Beautiful Flourish Trimline Canopy for sale, for single or double booths, with all the bells and whistles.  If you aren’t familiar, this is the best tent in the art fair business.  Make your display spacious, sturdy, and worry-free.  I paid over $3500 for this new, used it about 6 times, and it can be yours for only $1500.

This tent can be set up as either a 20x10 or a 10x10.  I have all the poles and the canopies for both sizes.  It has optional awnings for 3 sides as well.  It has door frames, stabars, easyriser kit, the whole bit.  I have the carry bag set for everything.  Attached is the description of everything included from the original order form.

I am in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area.  This is too big to ship so you will need to come pick it up.  I’m selling only as a set.

Contact me via email at if interested.


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  • Wish we could but we live in Cali. Thanks and good luck with the sale!

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