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Hi! I am thinking of applying to a few shows in the Florida area. I live in Houston and was looking at shows that are 10 hours or less from me.Wondering if anyone has feedback on a few shows I am looking at on ZAPP... 

Art in the Park Pensacola 2014 

LeMoyne Chain of Parks Art Festival 2014


April Murphy


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  • Everything good that can happen at an art how has happened for us at Tallahassee Chain of Parks. I don't think it's that way for everyone, however, since I've heard plenty artists say BEEN THERE DONE THAT. I can say that sales have slumped quite a lot for us despite winning Best of Show twice, including last year. Our sales were worst ever last year. But we're going back, or at least we have it on the schedule. We've actually exhibited at Chain of Parks more than any other Florida venue. We really like the city and the people there. And like I said, despite dwindling sales, we still have great things happen for us at Chain of Parks that makes it worth our while.

  • Thanks for the confidence, Barry Bernstein. If I were fraught with low self-esteem, I'd be crushed. Guess what?......................NOT!


    Fairhope is another good show. There are two main shows happening at the same time in March, and they are adjacent to one another. We did the one sponsored by Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce and had excellent sales. Our booth location was in a prime spot right in front of Hampton Inn at show center. We couldn't have asked for a better spot. The difficulty with this show can be accomodations. You could have to stay in a hotel out on the interstate if you want to spend less money. It's a very busy weekend.


    I'll give some scoop about Tallahassee Chain of Parks next time. WOOHOO!

    • Thanks for this info!

  • The good thing and the bad thing about Florida shows is the same thing. There are shows every weekend, so, pick out the time you want to come here and apply to the shows. Look at the ArtFairCalender.com and go to ZAPP and apply. The better the show, the harder it is to get in. You almost can't go by what people say because you don't know what their work looks like. Someone may do well and say the show is great. It may be that what they have borders on flea market stuff. So, that won't help you if you are really good and do one of a kind high quality work. Pick out a few and do them. Then, make friends with people who you know are good and ask them what shows to do. Some of these shows are long running established shows. I would stick to those events at first.

    • That's great advice. And that's the issue for someone that is not from Florida... I don't really know what the long running established shows are. I am assuming that The Great Gulf Coast Art Festival is one of them.

  • I only just recently joined AFI, but maybe my comments today will help you and others evaluate these venues. Of course, you will only really know for certain about a show IF YOU GO AND EXHIBIT IN IT.


    Pensacola Art in the Park is small as Di already mentioned. However, we did the show twice since the venue is somewhat along our route home from Florida to our home/studio at Wyoming. When we tour, we do from three to six shows on consecutive weekends since we're traveling such long distance. I think the first year we did the show it was the second year for the venue. We won a $600 award, but sales were poor at best. Sunday was totally rained out with terrential downpour, and most artists packed up during calmer moments. But a good smart jeweler who was set up next to us kept his lights on and made more than 5K in the rain to take home to his Tampa family. I was really stoked by his success. I just love it when someone ROCKS like that! The second time we did the show was last May, and I'm pretty sure it's the last time we'll give it a go. I feel the quality of art has lessened a bit in the venue.


    There's another venue happening the same weekend in that area and I think it's at Destin. Bigger awards are offered and more artists. Probably bigger crowds as well. Some artist friends do it and do o.k.


    Great Gulf Coast Art Festival held the first weekend in November is certainly the venue to do and it's in the same park, Seville Square, as well as along one street. We've done this one twice and sales are good and promising for the future. We won a $1,400 award the first year, and none the second year.


    I'm out of time for now. I'll comment more later. WOOHOO!



    • Great info, thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I will check out the Destin show... that's closer to me anyway.

      And I agree, it's cool when you see an artist persevere in less than ideal conditions and do well!

  • You might look at Fairhope, Alabama, Great Gulfstream and Orange Beach. Not great shows, but they meet your criteria of 10 hours distance and are on the Gulf.

    Further down the line you have the Cedar Key show, Ocala, Gainesville, Tampa and Dunedin, Winter Park and all the rest of the Orlando area shows, Leesburg, Vero Beach, et al.

    In general, Florida shows are many, and the audience has gotten blase. Sales are down for many, and it may not be worth your time to travel to do them. Houston to Orlando or Tampa is about 900 miles: a good two day drive.

    • I know. I hesitate to make a long drive like this when I can get the same kind of sales closer to home and spend less money and time. Thanks for replying to me!

  • The Pensacola Museum show was very poorly attended in 2012. My sales were far below an average show for me. Will not return.

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