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Nearly $2k new, used 4x, available NOW:

Complete 4 wall tent with translucent daylight roof design and cross venting. Includes optional door frame for back or side door,  and one wall w 2 zips for use w door or as inclement weather protection. Also included are 3 mesh walls (1 will fold to accommodate a back or side door) and lower stabilizer bars. I have hung up to 30 paintings including heavy frames with included S hooks, looks great. Plus sand weight bags & stakes, pole and canopy bags to make transporting easy. This tent withstood gusts that crumpled EZ Ups at a show...highly recommended!  Installments possible but needs to be paid before pickup. 

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Hi Leigh, how TALL is the tent (standard height or 8' or 9'?) and does it have any awnings? 

It is standard height. We set the legs at their highest, bringing the entry height up another people don’t need to stoop to come in, and of course the dome inside is way up for all heights. While I do not have awnings, they can be purchased a la carte from Fluorish.

ok thank you Leigh Slayden- I am definitely looking for a tall set up- so I will pass. 

Also, I see you are in Charleston area...we could probably meet in the middle near Savannah if you buy it

Hi leigh,

Ive got a really old craft hut tent and am looking for a newer tent that may be a little lighter weight and easier to put together by myself.  is the frame Aluminum? I am interested.  Also, can you send me a pic or two?

Thank you! 

Hi Tara, This is not lightweight...the frame parts are steel, with pvc pipes supporting the dome, which is why it is so stable in stormforce winds and when hanging heavy frames. One person can assemble it, and you can watch that process on Trimline’s videos. It is not going to be a one hour popup, but you will never worry about overnight storms either. I will try to figure out how to load pix on my phone for you

I am hoping these photos come thru ok

one shows tent w 3 full display walls

if vinyl walls are raised you can also display on reverse of mesh, not shown

one shows it with a door setup in back. Paintings weigh up to 25 lb each here.

one shows wall height w 5’8” husband.

(solar string lights are not included)


Is it still available? I’m in Jacksonville.

Yes, I am at my last show this weekend (13-14 April) in St Augustine on Francis Field...come on down and see it! The show is free to visit.
Hey @shannon did you receive my reply?
AVAILABILITY UPDATE: This Fluorish Trimline tent with mesh panels, weights etc can be purchased and picked up in St. Augustine Fl between April 15 and May 3... (may be able to rendezvous in a 100 mile radius on right date)...if not picked up before, it can be picked up after MAy 23 due to my travel.


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