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Still have 175 pieces to mount and bag, buy grid walls, and figure out what to price the 233 originals i'll be taking. First show ever and I just started drawing again after a near 30 year break (became a graphic artist and left pen and paper behind in 1989, thanks Apple). Not expecting to have a great day since its my first time, it's a one day music/art festival that will pretty much be a 35 and under crowd, and I have no clue what I am doing.

I have mainly 5x7's, 8x10's, and 11x14's originals, and I'm thinking of pricing them at $30, $55, and $80? (plus $15 extra for Ikea sourced frames). I feel odd even selling artwork. 

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yes it was a good first test. learned a few things, found out what supplies I'm missing, and got some good feedback. It was so loud most of the conversations were shouting battles so I'm going to be more cautious about what kind of festivals I sign up for. Since this was the first time I released my art on the public it was also good for getting over that awkwardness. 

Calling yourself a vendor is an insult to you and to all exhibitors at art fairs. Keep that in mind. Vendors sell funnel cakes and turkey legs. You're now a professional. Take yourself seriously.

Congratulations!  What a great first show!


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