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After reading as much as I could find here on the subject, I set up my new canopy and panels and took my first booth shot. I would appreciate any feedback I can get, as I am about to set up my ZAPP account and begin apply for shows.

Did I crop too much? Does my tent look small? I do have a Pro Panel desk, but I didn't include it because it always just looked like it was in the way. Is it a mistake to leave it out?

Also, I did read that if I use a photo bin I should include it in the booth shot. Well, I WILL use a Pro Panel bin - but I'm out of capital and I don't have it yet. But I need to start applying to shows. Should I try to Photoshop it in - or should I just leave the image alone?


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It's not bad. A little too much clutter by having so many different sizes and color pallets. The center piece almost looks too saturated compared to the other pieces. I'd recommend keeping it simpler for the picture. And forget including the desk. I'd use it but reshoot once you have the bin for unframed work, or borrow one from a friend if you know local photographers that do art shows.

The only physical thing I'd change is to lower the brightness on the top of the canopy. That draws your eyes up away from the work.

Larry Berman

Thanks for the feedback, Larry! I should be able to delete some of the smaller pics and clean it up a bit. Lowering the brightness of the canopy and the saturation of the center piece will be easy, so I'll do that as well.

Many thanks!!

Renee - I agree with Larry's suggestions (he is the pro) but I did want to say I think you did an amazing first booth shot! The cropping is perfect. It's very "gallery looking". Good job!

*Whew!* :) Thank you Janet! I really do appreciate your comments very much!

Is this better?

This is so clean and excellent exposure, Renee. What a good job.

The only other thing I would do is not to show so many images. Say, second panel on the left to remove the bottom one and on the third one also. Remove the bottom one in the middle on the back wall and maybe the small one on the right hand side. The shot does not have to look exactly like how it will appear at the show. The shot is to get you into the show.

So, I just asked my husband who spent many years exhibiting photography at the shows. His suggestions were to take out the black and white images so that everything matches. Also to remove all the images on the middle panels on each side and replace them with two large pieces.

Yep, I think he's right about the black and white, and it would not have even occurred to me. Those photographers' sure have a good eye!

Problem with all black and white is that once juried in, they'll expect to see a black and white photography booth and it isn't what you have. Or all color...

I'd like to hear from some jurors/show directors about the legitimacy of that.

Larry Berman
Typing on an iPad which I guess is better than an iPhone.

Maybe one wall black and white and two walls color, or the other way around. The booth picture needs to be representative of what it looks like at the show.

Larry Berman

That really helps a lot. Thank you!


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