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What are some ways you guys find shows and festivals in your specific areas? I'm looking at greater Seattle area, looking for smaller local ones to gain experience. 

Is it advisable to pay for subscriptions to the listing sites, or are there free listings? Can they be found other ways? 


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I have. Ever paid for a subscription. Although I have taken the basic public information in the list and googled the show.
*have never

Zapp, Colorado Artist Tour, online research, emails coming to me from shows. Likewise, never subscribed to service. 

Thank you, I appreciate the responses. And I'm glad to hear that I don't need to pay for a subscription! :) 

I like this site for info, as well as the connected ArtFairReview etc. Also a subscription to ArtFairScourceBook is well worth it. Perhaps you are not ready for the AFSB subscription yet, but I think it is very, very good.  Also look at JAS (Juried Art Services), CAFE (Call For Entry), Zapplication, 

Thanks, Larry, for the suggestion. I'll take a look at those too. 

No subscriptions.

One good thing about local shows is that you can visit them ahead of time and see for yourself if you would like to become a part of them. Word of mouth from other artists is prob the best way to get some show info.

There may be two concerns with "visit them ahead of time ".

While it is a good idea to do such. There are drawbacks.

1) by doing so you have now missed an opportunity to participate in that show and might have to wait another year to do so.

2) Year to year shows can be very different. A great show one yer can have bad weather or many other elements effect the results the next year. Even with the very established shows.

Sometimes try to research but then...jump in with both feet.

So I took a look at JAS, CAFE and ZAPP. I wasn't impressed with the first two, because of the lack of information about how they work. Neither seemed transparent or coherent.

I signed up with Zapp, because I could explore, see actual events listed, and their marketing was nicely done. I just wish they had a state filter on the events. 

I tried to find a link to the AFSB subscription up top, and... can't find it. I'm not ready for a paid one yet. Trying to make most mistakes on the small shows first. ;) But I'd like to take a look through the AFSB, if someone can drop in a link. 

Zapp: go to participating events, type in full state name, hit go.  Shows will be filtered by state.

I tried your suggestion, Richard. When I put Washington in the search bar it still brought back other states, but when I clicked Advanced Filters and dropped down to Washington, it did work. Thanks! 


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