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Has anyone had this problem with Entrythingy?

 For some reason after images have been uploaded I’m seeing mine in all sorts of crazy sizes. Even though I’m using pieces uploaded straight from my original JPG upload folder, and have not re-sized anything.

 The vertical images are showing up generally as much larger than the horizontal. In addition, all the vertical ones are different heights. I don’t have black borders, though, as I’m not using my Zapp files. Maybe I should?!  

 I think I need to pull all these out (how?) and re-size and re-upload , but I don’t want to make work for myself, at a really busy time for applications, if it won’t help.

 Is there an optimal image size for Entrythingy? Image size plus file size, like there is for ZAPP? I could not find anything on their site.

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Entrythingy has a dual requirement that renders images that might be large enough not able to upload. You can pull your 750's from ZAPP but if they are under 200k they won't upload unless you enlarge them to the point of distortion. That means anything shot on a neutral background, which results in a smaller JPEG file size, won't be useable.

Entrythingy at NAIA's and my recommendation accepts ZAPP 1920 pixel square images. That's the size every show should require, even ZAPP. It's the only size and format that displays every image at exactly the same size to the jurors.

I always upload my ZAPP images to Entrythingy and recommend it to every artist I work with.

Larry Berman

Thanks, Larry. I'll just replace them with my original ZAPP formatted images, which are on my computer.  Not sure why I never noticed this before....


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